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The Yuba City Dentistry Group wants to provide nothing but the best for our patients. Therefore, our dentists offer state-of-the-art technologies whenever possible. These new techniques allow us to detect dental concerns at early stages, treat your dental problems with precise and efficient care, and provide beautiful, customized restorations to replace and repair missing or damaged teeth. When you visit the Yuba City Dentistry Group, be confident that you are receiving high quality dental care.

Digital X-Rays: Besides improving the image and adding a number of different diagnostic tools unavailable with the classic print x-ray, digital x-rays are easier on the patient. Taking the x-ray requires the use of small sensors that are much more comfortable than the film trays used in the past. Also, the amount of radiation involved with digital x-rays is much less than with analog. A full set of digital oral x-rays requires about the same radiation you receive from four ordinary days spent in the sun.

Intra-Oral Cameras: These tiny devices provide a close-up, real-world view of your teeth with much more detail than your dentist can see by eye alone. The pictures we receive from intra-oral cameras help us recognize surface problems that are otherwise difficult to detect, even with x-rays. Plus, by displaying the images on screen next to your dental chair, you get to see for yourself the condition of your teeth and participate in the decision-making regarding your own dental care.

Soft-tissue Laser: Dental lasers are successfully used primarily for oral surgery procedures on the gums. Laser treatment benefits the patient by simultaneously destroying harmful, infectious organisms while working on the tissue your dentist is removing. Lasers are highly precise and self-cauterizing, which eliminates the need for painful cuts and sutures. Post-operative pain and bleeding is minimal or completely absent and nearly every patient who receives laser treatment in the dental chair recommends it to friends and family afterwards.

Ultrasonic Scaler: The ultrasonic scaler vibrates at very high frequencies to break down bacterial membranes like plaque and tartar. For dental cleanings, patients prefer the ultrasonic scaler over hand scalers because an ultrasonic tool requires less effort and time to get the job done. You spend less time in the dental chair and our Yuba City dentists and hygienists provide a better result in the preservation of your smile!

Doctor Barinder Cheema grew up in Vancouver, Canada and there he had an uncle who was a dentist. It was my uncle who I saw changing smiles and building confidence in people while practicing dentistry. It became inspirational to see such big changes among people walking in with pain and out with a smile. From that point onward I knew what to pursue. Dr. Cheema received his dental degree from the University of Washington in Seattle and now brings his skills in restorative dentistry to the Yuba City Dentistry Group.

Dr. Cheema is especially useful to our Yuba City practice, as he speaks three languages: English, Punjabi and Hindi. With these abilities added to his expertise in dentistry, we are able to offer our services in a comfortable environment to the many families in both Yuba City and Marysville areas.

You can also be assured that Dr. Cheema will clearly explain the state of your dental health, clarify the procedures you can choose from to protect and restore your teeth, and provide you with a friendly dentist who takes the time to answer your questions to your satisfaction.

Last but not least, Dr. Cheema is ready for your pick-up game of hockey, as he used to represent British Columbia in this sport! Since the Sacramento Valley is not exactly known for its winter sports, he now passes his free time with horseback riding, hiking and travel.

Dr. Devs interest in dentistry was first stimulated by a cousin who was a dentist. Shadowing at her office allowed me to observe the dynamic duo of art and science in dentistry. Living in his hometown of Sacramento and raised by an Indian family, when it came time to attend college, he decided to explore his cultural roots while studying at the Christian Dental College in Punjab, India, earning a bachelor degree in Dentistry. He followed this with a General Dentistry program at the University of Texas in San Antonio and earned his DDS degree at Loma Linda University in Southern California. A native English speaker, he is also fluent in Punjabi and Hindi.

Dr. Dev is especially skilled in endodontics and the installation and repair of fixed dental appliances, such as crowns and bridges. His preferred use of digital technology for the preparation and installation of dental prosthetics helps him create comfortable and fully functional restorations for our many clients in Yuba City and Marysville.

Dr. Dev continually studies the publications of the dental field to improve his skills and techniques in dentistry. Likewise, he has contributed to reports for scientific journals, demonstrating his expertise in dental research. Always seeking to grow in his abilities and skills, he appreciates the broad variety of procedures offered at the Yuba City Dentistry Group and the capable work of his colleague, Dr. Barinder Cheema.

Dr. Rajwant Bhatti was born and raised in Punjab, India. With much of her family she moved in 2016 to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, settling in Seattle. While in Washington, she studied dentistry at the University of Washington, graduating with a DDS degree. Dr. Bhatti brings the latest in dental techniques to the Yuba City Dentistry Group and is a prized addition to our team.

Dr. Bhatti gets tremendous satisfaction from helping people feel confident with the health and appearance of their teeth. She believes in long-lasting repairs and restorations that give her patients the look they want and the health they need. She says that giving her patients confidence in their oral health motivates her each day to go to work.

Besides working with adult clients, Dr. Bhatti is also pleased to work with pediatric patients. Easing children into the sometimes scary world of dentistry is one more way that she takes delight in her career. In addition to restorative dentistry, Dr. Bhatti is also skilled in the various aspects of cosmetic dentistry, including the placement of veneers, crowns and bridges.

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