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Yes Dental Centers - General dentist in Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Arash Hakhamian, known as Dr. Arash, is an internationally recognized and accomplished doctor of dental surgery following a long line of family dentists and medical doctors. The longstanding tradition of public service and philanthropy exemplified by previous generations in his family motivated Dr. Arash to continue his heritage helping better the lives of others through the practice of medicine within the field of dental surgery.

Dr. Arashs passion for dentistry began as a child where he spent much of his childhood hanging out and helping out in his fathers dental office. His passion for public service was influenced by his mothers affiliations with a multitude of charities and service programs. Both of his brothers are also doctors, one of which is a surgeon in the field of veterinarian medicine.

Dr. Arash received his degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery attending the prestigious and world-renowned USC School of Dentistry, where he graduated with honors. He was the first student in history to unanimously receive the award for serving with great excellence Persons with Disabilities who included patients with medical and mental handicaps. Upon his graduation, he immediately worked alongside his father and in his own offices in Beverly Hills and other locations in Los Angeles. Currently, Dr. Arash operates one of the most successful dental practices in the nation and is amongst the top 10% of dentists in the state of California based on the acceptance rate from CareCredit, the nations largest patient financing company.

Dr. Lee was a technology geek growing up so he decided to become an engineer, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA. After getting braces as an adult and experiencing firsthand how a new smile can have a profound positive effect, he decided to change careers. He went to dental school at UCSF, followed by orthodontics residency at Columbia University.

Dr. Lee is a huge San Francisco Giants fan (having grown up in San Francisco). He strives for excellent care and communication with all of his patients, especially Dodgers fans because wants to give them something to smile about.

Your first visit to our dental office establishes a vital foundation for our relationship with you. Because we are committed to providing you the best services, we want to alleviate any concerns about the legitimacy of our staff in providing [upon request] certain background information. The scope of this information is limited however to that which is made available to the general public.

Here at Yes Dental Centers, we value not only you but also your customs and traditions; and we welcome customers from all communities that we serve. To understand what to expect for your first visit to our practice, please read through this page so youll find all the practical information you need, such as a map and directions to our office, practice hours, payment policies and more.

  • Information about Yes Dental Centers is available from this website. If you wish to be kept up to date with information about Yes Dental Centers, including any promotions, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We will make it easy for you to tell us what you like or dont like about our services via our website. Feedback is important to us as we are here to serve, and your input provides indicators that we use to make the necessary changes to improve the services we provide.
  • I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humility and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God.
  • If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live a re-membered with affection thereafter? May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.
  • Dr. Hakhamian and staff believe in providing the highest service, quality dental work and care to their patients A beautiful smile is one lifes greatest investments. We have developed convenient and easy financial options that our treatment coordinator will help guide you through.

    It is our goal to make our patients financing easy and keep them smiling. Contact Our Office (310) 858-7373 for detailed specific financial options for your dental treatment. Dr. Hakhamian and staff can offer you many financing options to fit any budget and allow you and your family to attain the highest quality of dentistry that you have always dreamed of. Our goal is to keep you smiling!!!


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    C. Ramirez
    a year ago
    I REGRET GETTING MY BRACES HERE!! This place did me wrong and they did not do anything to make it right. I regret so much getting my braces here... My teeth look worst than when I first got them.. Nothing changed. I was told I would have them on for 18 months in the beginning and I believed them. It went on for 3 YEARS!!! And 3 different Orthos, they kept changing. I kept complaining and was FED UP of having braces on. I decided to take them off because their solution was a new Ortho and 1 MORE YEAR of having them on. By this time, I lost ALL MY TRUST in them. Absolutely NO ONE helped me. When I asked Araceli for the Managers/ Owners name... she couldn't tell me and only gave me the initial "M" LIKE SERIOUSLY?? The least they could have done is give me my Money back... the one I paid out of pocket!!! You wasted my time for a very long time. You know what you did to me was not right!!

    Violeta Hernandez
    a year ago
    I 100% Recommend. Great to find a dentist in Los Angeles. Dr. Arash Hakhamian, known as "Dr. Arash", is a widely recognized and respected doctor of dental surgery (dds), cosmetic dentist & emergency dentist focusing his time and energy in teaching dentists advanced clinical procedures and providing life-changing dentistry to his patients locally and internationally. Dr Arash is a Professional Dentist like to take care of his patients. If you have any dental emergency. Here is the place to come over!

    Charlie Morales
    a year ago

    Marsha M
    a year ago
    Worst place ever you have to pay for no visit show ups ridiculous... they always changing the orthodontist and plus the have a ugly attitude and worst of all is the accountability you does the process for payments too expensive it's not Beverly Hills neither 5 star Run away from this place ASAP you never see the real doctor of this dentist it's always the assistants oh no

    Mingzhao Xu
    2 years ago
    NOT RECOMMENDED. Front desk doesn't seem to have any communications w/ the rest of the team. They falsely advertised that they were in-network and I found them on my insurer's website as in-network providers. It takes them months to bill for routine services. For non-routine, they had a visiting dentist perform the work and billed as out of network. They didn't warn me in advance either before or during the appointment. The billing person who is incredibly hard to reach should be terminated. I ended up paying more for no reason. The worst part is that the service wasn't even thorough or good. I had to have a tooth redone in a few weeks. Shoddy! The only reasons I returned: services are quick, they don't try to sell you anything, free street parking (shady area though), convenient location, decent facility.

    2 years ago
    The most professional dental place I ever been to I usually am afraid to go to the dentist but I love their professionalism and the doctor is a great guy

    newemail n9
    2 years ago
    LOOK ELSEWHERE! New to the city I'm very disappointed with my overall experience with this office. There was no confirmation done after they rescheduled my initial appointment as no-one was available for my dental X rays, I get there had to wait for over 1 hour before getting the X-rays done only to wait another hour for a random dentist to see me then have the receptionist come and tell me the dentist has two other patients he's busy and there is no hygienist to fo my cleaning today!!! Never heard anything like this so to sum it up they wasted 3 hours of my day and I didn't get what I came for. Save you're self the trouble!

    Donald Zarate
    2 years ago
    High quality work and very polite assistants and doctors. HOWEVER, the people at the front are rude, inconsiderate of the patient's time, and overworked. I went in 20 kinutes early to an appointment and Yes Dental had me wait over an hour to have a 1 minute conversation and then didn't even do what I was under the impression the appointment was for. When I tried to contest it, the scheduling staff just said "No you're wrong" Update: the front desk people are the absolute worst. Horrible customer service, awful explanations of care/billings, and uncompromising in every circumstance.

    Jml S
    2 years ago
    I don't mean to disparage this business, but I feel I should warn people to watch their time and wallets at this place. I came in for a toothache and they couldn't find anything wrong with my teeth (not the problem here though, I figure it must be referred pain). So they couldn't help me with my actual issue, but what they did offer was to charge me THOUSANDS of dollars to replace different teeth with veneers so I could have "a perfect smile." That's honestly downright disgusting that they would try to sell me new teeth when they couldn't even help me with what I came in there for. On top of this they had me sitting in the chair for at least 30-40 minutes while the doctor talked on the phone to see what part of this procedure they could get covered by my insurance. I did not ask them to do this, I tried to leave in fact and they sat me back down telling me the dentist was doing something important. I could've told them immediately I didn't want some aesthetic BS on my teeth considering I came in for a toothache, but they wasted my time just so they could try to squeeze more money from me. It's really shameful that medical professionals would be so interested in just squeezing money from people that come here for help. I'm not going to judge their work, but just be careful and don't fall for the business tricks if you come here.

    Ali Ali
    2 years ago
    When the doctor loses his humanity and focus on money he becomes a dealer that trades with your pain.

    Watcher 1
    2 years ago
    I went for an examination and the doctor told me I need some cleaning and they'll ask my insurance for approval. When I got to my appointment there ware A LOT (be aware!!!) of Consent forms. People read them carefully before you initial or sign them!!!!! I found out they ware trying to make me consent to Periodontitis .. something the doctor never informed me about at the consultation. I asked for defails and realized I didn't had the symptoms and when I told them I don't want this invasive treatment until I get a second opinion from another doctor they tried to charge me for canceling the appointment and then sign papers consenting that I was informed of Periodontitis before (so they can Rob the insurance) . ALSO on those consent papers they have a section where they try to make us sign to agree to allow the dentist to do Whatever they want once you're on that chair during ONE procedure, without consulting with the patient before. Which was the exact case with my diagnostic. I was not explained about periodontist but they ware trying to trick me to consent to having it without being explained what it was at the consultation. And if you decline, they become very rude. Update: Forgot to say. I did not have Periodontitis at all. Checked it after in other dental place. So, beware

    Mathew Borda
    2 years ago
    So to anyone needing oral work be cautious when coming here.. I'm writing this review a year after visiting them... they discouraged me to doing anything because of the treatments they told me I needed... one after the other.... for example they said I would need a tooth removed just to remove my wisdom teeth Nd then a bone graph for the hole... they said I needed like multiple root canels and cavities done.. I was depressed because it was gonna cost 1000 even with insurance... I finally came to a point where it was necessary to get somthing done.. I live in Denver now and the doctor removed my wisdom teeth with no other stories of what I needed.... this place will scam you if you let them!!! Be careful and if you wanna save ur time avoid this place

    G R
    2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Very disappointed. "I started my orthodontic treatment a few years ago. My children had their wisdom teeth treated. My husband was recommended a tooth implant. At first all the staff are very friendly, but after a while they start treating you differently especially when you start asking how is my treatment going? Or to see that they charge you more expensive for annual cleaning .. and questions what change ???? When your insurance is the same .... They start treating you differently .. they give you the appointment at the time they want, they charge you $ 35 dollars if you do not cancel 24 hours before even if you have an emergency on the day of the appointment, they do not have ANYONE with whom to make a complaint. A CLEAN PLACE IS NO USE IF YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE TERRIBLE WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE AND I COMPLAIN ABOUT THE GIRLS IN FRONT ... I HAVE CHANGED ORTHODONTIST 4 TIMES. ... I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT A CUSTOMER WHO HAS SPENT MORE THAN 12,000.00 ON TREATMENT DESERVES SUCH TREATMENT. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE. THEY DON'T SEE YOU AS BEING HUMAN IF I DO NOT EAT $$$$$ (Original) Muy decepcionada. Empeze mi tratamiemto de ortodoncia hace unos anos. A mis hijos les hicieron tratamiento de las muelas de juicio. A mi esposo le recomendaron un implante de una muela. Al principio todo el personal es muy amable, pero despues de un tiempo te empiezan a tratar diferente especialmente cuando empiezas a preguntar como va mi tratamiento? o a ver que te cobran mas caro por limpieza anual..y preguntas que cambio????Cuando tu aseguranza es la misma....Te empiezan a tratar diferente..te dan las cita a la hora que quieren, te cobran $35 dolares si no cancelas 24hrs antes aunque tengas una emergencia el dia debla cita, no tienen a NADIEN con quien poner una queja. DE NADA SIRVE UN LUGAR LIMPO SI SUS EMPLEADOS SON TERRIBLES CON EL SERVICIO AL CLIENTE Y ME QUEJO DE LAS CHICAS QUE ESTAN ENFRENTE ...HE CAMBIANDO DE ORTODONTISTA 4 VECES. ...NO CREO QUE UN CLIENTE QUE A GASTADO MAS DE 12,000.00 EN TRATAMENTO SE MEREZCA TAL TRATO. JAMAS RECOMENDARIA A NADIE ESTE LUGAR. NO TE VEN COMO SER HUMANO SI NO COMO $$$$$

    Veronica ACCE / LATU
    2 years ago
    The ladies who are at the front desk have a very heavy attitude and answer questions with an arrogant attitude. !! And even worse when you don't speak English, whenever you have to change to a friendlier staff

    Tony Bandy-cooper
    2 years ago
    Not the best experience had appointment at 11am had to wait outside for 10 mins Juanita at the front desk have horrible communication skills she sent to to the gas station because they didn't have change for $100 and sent me back because she forgot to tell me they don't have change at all not satisfied with the front desk at all hopefully the dentist can make up for her

    Hind A
    2 years ago
    THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I made an appointment for cleaning at 1 pm and came on time then the dentist checked on me and he left! Then the assistant said ok let make another appointment to your cleaning!!! The hygienist and the dentist don't have time they have patients. WOW . Who i am ? I am a patient too I make an appointment and waste about 1 and half hour. They are not respect people's time they don't care also! I will never come to them again and not a recommended place to anyone. They might care if you have an important case! But for cleaning they are wasting people's time because it's not a thing!!!

    Dennis Johnson
    3 years ago
    I recently fell and got an anterior tooth injury, its piece broke off. The next day I had an important business meeting planned, and I could not appear at it in this state, so I made an appointment urgently. Dr. Arash promptly helped me and restored the tooth defect; as a result, I did not even notice the difference between the tooth before the injury / after restoration. Definitely the best emergency dentist.

    Daniel Alger
    3 years ago
    I am so satisfied with the price level in this dental clinic! I did not have to pay too much for the treatment and it pleasantly surprised me, because before I would never have thought that a cheap dentist and a highly professional dentist can be one person. Great experience!

    Ryan Moses
    3 years ago
    I have had bad experiences from other dentists in the past which is why I need strong anesthesia and careful treatment. Dr. Arash was able to give me what I needed and provided the best level of service, so for me he is the best dentist. And I will never go anywhere but Yes Dental Centers.

    Zoya Klimkina
    3 years ago
    Worse experience ever. Stuff is rude and unprofessional. No customer service and complete ignorance. I had unpleasure to speak with Arecely Martinez. She wont disclose information untill you will sign new bill that was over 10k. Seriously? It sounds like a scam! Don't go there, total scam

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