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West Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CA
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West Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CA

In 1991, a group of dedicated dental professionals saw the need for quality and multi-specialty dental care in many communities throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Their vision was to open state-of-the-art dental care practices that would combine the highest standard of care, the latest technologies, and the services of talented general dentists and specialists to meet the needs of the communities they serve. A family happy with their dental health. West Coast Dental bringing a higher level of dental care and caring to Southern California communities.

Today, that vision has become a reality. West Coast Dental and its affiliated practices have many convenient locations to serve you with an unparalleled level of expertise, service, convenience, and care. Inside of these practices, general dentists and specialists work side-by-side with their friendly, well-trained associates to ensure their patients get the most appropriate care and a high level of personal service.

West Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CA

In 2019 the West Coast Dental Regional Management Team: Cristina Ricalday, Lucy Gonzalez, Joseph Oliver, along with COO, Lucy Juarez and Founding Partner, Dr. Pakravan visited the Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles to donate hygiene kits for teens and adolescences.

The experience was very heartwarming, humbling and so very special. Our Team is beyond excited to partner with CHLA in 2020 and collectively work towards contributing to a great organization. Lucy Juarez, COO

West Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CA

Every holiday season West Coast Dental teams up with the Salvation Army of Southern California to provide underprivileged children with unwrapped toys. West Coast Dental has donated thousands of unwrapped toys in the course of 10 years. West Coast Dental also encourages patients to help donate by giving them a 10% discount on any new service. Tis the season for giving!

West Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CA

While COVID-19 has affected our ability to gather, its also deeply impacted schoolchildren and their families who rely on their schools meals, support, and education. To help support our community, Magicland Dental has teamed up with local school lunch programs to hand out meals, and also toothbrushes, to ensure nutritious meals and continuous oral health education despite the very real limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program is a continuation of Magicland Dentals commitment to providing local children, in partnership with the local school districts, the quality oral healthcare that they, and every child, truly deserves.

The Magicland Dental team dressed up in costumes (like Spiderman, and the tooth fairy!) to make their mission fun for children all while masked and gloved to ensure absolute safety for staff and guests.

West Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CA

GeriSmiles is a hygiene mobile unit that brings dental cleanings to local schools. As a preferred partner and provider of GeriSmiles we team up to educate children on the benefits are oral health care.

West Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CA

West Coast Dental & Orthodontics, the leading provider of adult and childrens dentistry in Southern California, has partnered with First African Methodist Episcopal Church Los Angeles, (FAME Church LA) to offer free orthodontic screenings for local children aged 12-17 years old.

West Coast Dentals Dr. Crawford provides free braces screenings which will automatically enter each child in for a chance to receive a donated set of braces as a part of West Coast Dentals Day of Giving.

I love working with West Coast Dental because of opportunities such as this to get out into the community and provide the oral hygiene services that are so needed by our community, says Dr. Crawford, resident dentist at the Artesia Childrens Dental Building location. I look forward to seeing everyones smiling faces on Sunday as we perform braces screenings on the ground for those who might not otherwise have access.

West Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CA

West Coast Dental & Orthodontics has teamed up with LifeStream Blood Bank to fullfill their mission of helping save lives by connecting donors and patients through the gift of blood. West Coast Dental is commited to help safe lives and also provide free toothbrushes to all of those who donate at a LifeStream blood drive.

For some people, a visit to the dentists office is an unnerving experience. Thats why at West Coast Dental affiliated practices, weve taken great strides to be sure that everything about our practice is calming and comfortable. From the colors we choose, to the design and layout of the practice, weve tried to think of everything to help you relax. We have toys and games to help keep the children entertained and comfortable treatment areas that are designed to keep you at ease.

In addition, we have special designated areas for our orthodontists and other specialists, as well as private areas where you can speak to our dentists and staff confidentially. Our practices are equipped with some of the latest technology and they adhere to the highest sterilization standards.

West Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CAWest Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CA

The office manager will be happy to provide you with information about our standards and technology. While youll immediately be impressed by our comfortable state of the art practices, its usually our attentive service that patients remember the most.

Our well-trained staff, along with our dentists and specialists, takes pride in making sure that your care is of the highest caliber. With us, you dont just receive quality care during treatment, but our team also strives to give you the respect and attention you deserve throughout the duration of your visit.

When you need the services of a dental specialist, isnt it great to know that expertise may be as close as your friendly, neighborhood West Coast Dental affiliated practice? Working with our general dentists, our team of dental experts is ready to offer the specialized care you may need. For children, that means a specially trained pediatric dentist can offer comfort and care for their special needs.

For teens or adults with smiles that could use straightening, our orthodontists offer unmatched expertise and convenience. And we all benefit from the improved communication that occurs when your dental professionals can work together to meet your needs whether thats a root canal, gum disease, dental implants or wisdom teeth.

West Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CAWest Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CA

Our expertise isnt limited to our specialists. From our office managers to our dental assistants, our treatment planners to our hygienists, all of our team members are well trained and experts at providing friendly, personalized service and care. Whether you need information about your dental insurance, your treatment or your payment options, our friendly staff is here to serve you.

West Coast Dental of Orange - General dentist in Orange, CA


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a year ago
I am a little bit confused on how this location or this company is even in business. They have the worst customer service ever. I used to go to the one in Hawthorne and the staff in the front including the office manager was horrible. I moved to Orange County and it went from back to worst. They had me waiting over "four months" to transfer my file. How hard is it to scan it over email. One day I had to tell the Mgr in the TUSTIN LOCATION that if I needed to I'll go pick up the file at the Hawthorne location. And they finally transferred the file. Honestly if you can avoid coming here PLEASE do so. They have scheduled appointments for me then make me wait over an hour to be seen, last week they scheduled me but it was the wrong appt so after waiting for an hour and a half they told me they couldn't see me. I try contacting their corporate office and nobody has called me back. The office staff is so rude. If you don't like your job quit. I don't understand how you are in the customer service/medical business and treat people like trash. Seriously, I am extremely dissatisfied with their service. Time to look for a new dentist. 11/05/22 ugh another waste of time. They scheduled my appointment but now they are saying that the person who scheduled it was a sub

Mo mo
a year ago
They are consistent and fast!!! They definitely get the job done

Linda Orellana
a year ago
This office has friendly staff with great customer service. I had questions about financing my treatment and all of my questions were clearly answered. As my treatment started there was a need to switch gears and the dentist did a great job of explaining everything to me, telling me what my options were, the risks, and treatment timelines. She got me out of the chair one time for me to make another appointment I had scheduled. She was fast and efficient. This is the first time I receive treatment without feeling pain. It had been years since I've trusted a dentist. So far, I can say I trust my new dentist!

Marcie Donaldson
a year ago
Today I went to see these people I haven't been for awhile in the mean time my insurance changed they kept asking me questions I did not have answer to these kind ladies contacted the insurance themselves and were able to find out everything we needed to know thanks ladies you made an old lady feel comfortable, most would have told me to reschedule when I have the information thanks again ladies

a year ago
Great place

Brian Goldstock
a year ago
I will say that the staff at Orange Coast Dental were professional and easy to talk to. They had to do more x-rays because more teeth broke off. I have several teeth needing extraction, fillings and root canals. I always need clearance from my primary Dr to give the ok to work on my teeth with some anesthesia. My dentist was also very thorough and I was very comfortable with the care plan. I will again give my opinion once the actual work has started. I would recommend this facility for any dental work, especially if you are in a ton of pain and discomfort. God Bless You Alll, B. Goldstock

Yahya A.
a year ago
Get a better Ortho group and get better staff that are on the same page with information. West Coast dental Ortho doctors and team are money hungry and can care less how it affects the patient. I'd give West Coast Dental "0 Stars" if I could. It's been so much nonsense with Westcoast Dental it's ridiculous. I hate coming here and I plan to just pay the money for my son to start all over somewhere else.

Valerie Garnica
a year ago
Team was amazing. The receptionist Alexis was kind and knowledgeable, she made me feel at ease and answered my questions. Thank you. Maybe I can get over my dental anxiety

Erica Hanks
a year ago
My experience was horrible. The dentist was not personable at all. He didn't even tell me his name. The assistants were rude and wouldn't answer my questions. I was barely spoken to. A doctor or dentist have never made me cry, until today. I felt insecure and extremely uncomfortable. I will not be coming back.

a year ago
This place is great m, Alexis the receptionist was absolutely amazing. Was visiting family and we came to this location. Absolutely loved it and wish there was one back home.

Alexis Bonilla
a year ago
I have a great fear of the dentist and the assistant and oral surgeon both helped me get through the extractions. When I started to panic the OS talked me through it which is something my previous dentist hadn't done. I really appreciated them being understanding and showing compassion

Grecia Aguirre
a year ago
The treatment coordinator for ortho completely lied to me. She said it was the insurance price but my insurance needed authorization. That is considered fraud and I will be reporting you to the BBB and to the insuran

Harmony Sudduth
a year ago
The wait wasn't that bad only 30-an hour. My problem lies with the way they run business. I had to pay $300 out of pocket for nitros - that was extremely high for what it is. Didn't feel anything at all completely coherent for the entire thing. Also, they said I had to get a bone graft, I had NO choice. Well, that made my procedure $1300 out of pocket WITH insurance. No choice. No options to go without. When I asked if there's any way I can make payments (not everyone expects to pay $0 for a procedure turn around have to pay $1300, has that kinda money) they said I only had to put 30% down... so $300 for the bone graft I had no decision on plus $300 for the gas. THEN in the middle of my procedure the girl comes back and says sorry you didn't qualify for 30% down you have to pay half now.. no explanation, nothing. so I spent $800 there, when I expected to pay $0-300. It ended up being the most painful experience at a dentist, completely awake and coherent for the entirety, and when I asked the surgeon for something better than ibuprofen she refused and said I don't need it. Next day here I am at an urgent care asking for better meds because taking 800 mg of ibuprofen multiple times a day every day will literally cause liver damage, and isn't helping AT ALL. Absolute worst experience. I'm just glad it's over with, probably will never go back and try to find a dentist/office thats actually on the patients side rather than after their pockets.

Eric Bleecker
a year ago
The staff and dentists at this office are the best. I usually dread going to the dentist due to bad previous experience when i was younger. The staff here has been able to help me get over my irrational fear and make sure you are comfortable the whole time. I am very happy i chose them, and will continue to comr to them for all of my further dental needs.

daniel huizar
a year ago
Not recommend. If you have an ortho appointment, prepare yourself to wait in the lobby for at least 1.5 hour. Been taking my kids here and it's always a long wait total of 3hrs. On top of that if you miss an appointment your looking for about 1 month reschedule. They only see patients every Thursday of the week. Lame!

Jacky Guzman
a year ago
Amazing dental office Dr.Naghavi is a great doctor amazing customer service by the receptionist Jackelyn she was very helpful and Kim the manager made it easy to understand my treatment would recommend to my whole family :)

Angel garcia
a year ago
Great Office Nice People overall I am Happy To Come Here nice service the front office receptionist Jackelyn is So nice and helpful everytime I go .

Ell B
a year ago
Overall..an AMAZING staff and experience!

mireya cortez
a year ago
Yeah they did a excellent job on my husband maximino Martinez

Maiteh Herrera
2 years ago
Don't recommend. They have poor service. Went in for appointment to get my wisdom teeth extracted and they had not only me but others waiting for over an hour to just tell us the surgeon wasn't going to show due to an "emergency".

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