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Kelly Atkins
2 years ago
Incredibly empathetic and kind, Dr Sophie has all the tools, tricks and knowledge to put kids and people with sensitivities at ease. She makes the whole experience DOABLE for those petrified of gong to the dentist, which is no small feat! We love Dr Sophie and she has transformed my very sensitive child's experience of dental care. He will actually sit in the chair and get the work done! Three cheers for Dr Sophie!

Kevin Moraine
2 years ago
Always an amazing experience. I wish I'd had this kind of dentist as a kid. The office is so inviting and kid-friendly and Dr. Sophie always goes above and beyond to make the experience super fun, educational and positive for the kids. I absolutely endorse her and her practice.

Jacqueline Devereaux
2 years ago
Dr. Sophie is AMAZING!!! She cares so much about her patients, but most of all I appreciate that she wants to educate her families and help develop strategies for each of our children for the optimal dental health. She is insanely knowledgeable and current with her research. She truly wants the kids to enjoy going to the dentist and adjusts accordingly if they're struggling. We feel so fortunate that we found her and our kids immediately benefited. I can't recommend her enough!

Sandro Cab
2 years ago
Best experience when we visit sunnyside pediatric dr Sophie and her staff are very friendly and professional we enjoy going to her clinic

Jennifer Fraiman
2 years ago
Dr Sophie is amazing - so patient and fun w/ the kids. They can watch TV on the ceiling and get fun prizes after. Going to the dentist is special treat for my kids (ages 2 & 4). She explains everything thoroughly to parent and makes me feel at ease and not worried. Also doesn't make me feel bad if the brushing/flossing isn't up to par! Just gives good ideas for when to do (ie during a TV show) and gives great encouragement. Highly recommend!

Elodie Gallissot
2 years ago
I highly recommend Dr Sophie! She reassured us after business hours about a chip tooth!

Alex Zaphiris
2 years ago
Our kids love Dr. Sophie! She's kind, patient and explains things well. Kids can watch cool domino videos and they love the treat bags she gives them. I love her holistic approach and good recommendations.

Veronica Lenci
2 years ago
Dr. Sophie is always so sweet, encouraging, and informative. My little guy loves her and wanted to go back after his first visit.

Stephanie Martens
2 years ago
Dr. Sophie is wonderful. She has made both of my kids feel so comfortable visiting the dentist's office, to the point where we play pretend "Dr. Sophie" at home while flossing and brushing the kids' teeth because it makes them so much more cooperative. She is respectful and engaging with the kids and we always look forward to check ups! Thank you Dr. Sophie and team!

Laura Schuchman
2 years ago
Always wonderful! Highly recommend to anyone with kids.

Caroline Testa
2 years ago
Dr. Sophie is the BEST dentist! She is patient and kind and so good with my boys (1 & 3 years). I cannot recommend her enough.

Lisa Bane, DVM
2 years ago
Best Children's Dentist you will ever find! Dr Sophie engages with the kids and can explain the in and outs of oral care. With parents, she explains what we do that helps or hinders our children's oral care (I did not know that crackers are detrimental to oral health- no more fish-crackers, ice cream is healthier!). She is a pain- free dentist and the most personable dentist around.

Brittany Burke
2 years ago
So thankful for Dr. SOPHIE! We brought my son in for emergency front tooth extraction after a horrible experience at another dental practice. He has been living with extreme dental pain for a long time and his face started swelling from infection. She was so fast and gracious, treated him with heavy hitting antibiotics and got things under control so we could pull the teeth a few days later. It was not fun getting those teeth out but she did it quick, with lots of compassion and no fuss! My son was happy within 10 mins after the procedure. we came home and had a nap. Thank you Dr. Sophie for saving my son from any more days of dental pain.

Jiri Holba
2 years ago
We visited Dr. Sophie with my 4 year old and 2 year old at the same time and both kids were having good time during the whole visit. They were scared at first, but Dr. Sophie did a great job connecting with kids and making them feel safe and relaxed. The visit exceeded my expectations and I'm looking forward to the next one.

Jena Mixon
2 years ago
My kids love Doctor Sophie and actually look forward to going to the dentist. I love her wholistic approach to dentistry that focuses more on diet. She helped me figure out which snacks are good for kid's teeth and which quickly cause cavities. Since I took my kids to her as soon as they got teeth I am pretty confident that they can avoid ever getting a cavity which will be a dream come true to me since I got my first cavity at age 6 and have been struggling with dental issues ever since. I wish a dentist like Dr. Sophie would have been around to give my parents guidance on my oral health.

Jessica Becker
2 years ago
Dr. Sophie is a wonderful dentist for my children. Her approach focuses on integrating in office dental care, home care, and diet. She helps to teach children long term dental hygiene that will stick with them for a lifetime. I have learned so much from her. Also, my kids come home excited with their great after visit prizes and are really motivated to take care of their teeth.

Jenny Brandt
2 years ago
Both my kids see Dr. Sophie and she's amazing! All the staff is great. They really take their time during each appointment and make the kids super comfortable. I love how Dr. Sophie really includes the kids in all aspects of the appointment which helps them take ownership of their healthy teeth habits. I also appreciate the Sunnyside Smile Club payment plan.

gracie matejka
2 years ago
Dr Sophie is a great dentist with a warm, engaging approach to getting kids to be better about their dental care. She is terrific, my son just loves her!

Brianda Orduna
2 years ago
I can't began to say how comfortable and enjoyable it is to visit my kids dentist Dr.sophie is truly amazing very patient sweet and professional love her work and love this place I couldn't ask a better dentist

Ginger Auletta-Okun
2 years ago
Our 7 year old is autistic and minimally verbal with many sensory issues. Dr. Sophie has worked with him so diligently since we joined the Sunnyside Team that this child has NO FEAR of the dentist. Even through the challenges of regression in social situations due to stay home orders and covid he gets so excited to see Dr. Sophie. Two years ago, this child needed thousands of dollars of dental work (which he had to go under for) due to brushing and flossing issues triggering sensory overload due to his autism. Now he brushes (even in his sensitive "cheek pockets") and flosses regularly. Allows Dr Sophie to seal and clean his teeth and never complains with her. If you need a dentist who is flexible and willing to work with your child's individual needs while setting them up for a life of positive oral health please I urge you to get in with Sunnyside before they have no more openings.

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