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SoCal Dental Care is a North Hollywood based family dentist practice that treats patients of all ages. We are committed to delivering the highest quality dental care and do so using advanced dental equipment. We are a cosmetic dentist that offers services like checkups, teeth cleaning, crowns, veneers and more.

SoCal Dental Care - General dentist in North Hollywood, CA

A native of the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Aframian earned his Bachelor degree in Psychology in 2004, before pursuing his dream to become a dentist from prestigious Ostrow School of Dentistry at USC. While still studying, Dr. Aframian was drawn to surgical approaches that may help in saving natural teeth.

Dr. Aframian has worked with exceptional and most respected dentists in the world to polish his clinical skills. He was placed on the deans list multiple times and won a couple awards for his outstanding achievements in Endodontics. He was also selected to be an instructor for an endodontic selective class at USC. His strong passion for excellence, innovation, technology and learning has earned him healthy relationships with his patients.

SoCal Dental Care - General dentist in North Hollywood, CA

Also a native of the San Fernando Valley, Dr. Homan Shamoeil has experience in Oral Surgery. After earning his Bachelors of Science degree in Anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2000, Dr. Shamoeil chose to further his education and was accepted into the Ostrow School of Dentistry at University of Southern California. Through strong work ethic and enthusiasm for healthcare, Dr. Shamoeil received standing on the deans list at both universities.

Dr. Shamoeils approach to preventative and cosmetic dental care is supported by his extensive knowledge and experience in dental hygiene and nutrition. He is a firm believer that optimal oral health is the key to physical and emotional health. Additionally, Dr. Shamoeil has become well acquainted with Biomimetic dentistry, an option that he finds favorable for many patients by conserving teeth and preventing bacterial invasion. Dr. Shamoeil continues to expand his knowledge of innovative and life-changing dental procedures by staying current with literature and research.

SoCal Dental Care - General dentist in North Hollywood, CA

A Southern California native, Dr. Sherry Solouki is an accredited dentist who holds a strong passion for her profession. She received her Bachelors degree from the University of California in Los Angeles and then graduated from the esteemed University of Southern California School of Dentistry. Her dedication earned her a coveted placement on the Deans List multiple times and she graduated with highest honors earlier than most of her colleagues.

Dr. Soloukis preventive and comprehensive approach to dental procedures focuses on long lasting health, retention of functionality and aesthetics. She discusses biocompatibility with her clients and strives to educate them on the material choices, procedures, and maintenance of oral health and hygiene.

She finds particular enjoyment in exploring and researching innovative dental technologies and aesthetic/cosmetic dentistry. Her love for creativity and artistic qualities makes her a brilliant cosmetic dentist. Beyond her clinical and academic achievements, patients mostly know Dr. Solouki for her caring nature and friendly personality. She has earned huge recognition and appreciation from her clients for her personalized treatment plans and caring approach.

At SoCal Dental Care, we provide clear braces throughout the North Hollywood area. Straight teeth are important for your overall oral health. When teeth are crooked, they can become stained and infected more easily. By straightening teeth, we can improve your appearance and decrease the risk of getting cavities at the same time. We can also address issues that you may have with your jaw by aligning your bite. Clear braces are truly a comprehensive way and discreet way to address oral health concerns.

We understand that while many people want to have straighter teeth, many teens and adults are uncomfortable with the traditional metal braces on their teeth for more than one year. While they are not as discreet as people wish, metal braces are an effective tool for straightening teeth. The procedure works by placing a metal bracket onto the surface of each tooth and running a wire through those brackets. It is impossible not to notice when someone is wearing traditional metal braces. While the treatment works, it can also negatively impact a persons' appearance while doing so. This has led many people to seek out a better option, one that we provide.

At SoCal Dental Care, we offer clear alternatives for adults and teens the greater North Hollywood area. We can straighten teeth and move them into the perfect position so the patient has a beautiful and radiant straight smile. If you have crooked teeth, unsightly gaps between your teeth or a misaligned bite, then we can help to correct these issues and more. Clear braces work just as effectively as metal braces but with some major improvements. Clear braces are much more difficult to notice, making them ideal for busy professionals, teens and those that do not want to negatively impact their current appearance during the process.

There are several types of clear and barely visible options to choose. One operates similarly to traditional metal braces where we place a bracket onto each tooth and thread a wire between the brackets. The difference is that instead of being made out of metal, the brackets for clear braces consists of a tooth-colored resin that blends in with the natural tooth. The wire is also tooth-colored so that the braces themselves are almost invisible and difficult to see. We find that this solution works well for teens and adults that are able to practice proper dental hygiene with the clear braces. Otherwise, food can stain the brackets. This solution is an excellent alternative to traditional braces and is just as effective at addressing all oral health concerns.

Clear braces also come in the form of aligners. Clear aligners look like a full retainer that surrounds the teeth and are worn on the upper and lower teeth. Aligners are more convenient to wear than metal braces since patients can remove them when necessary. One of the major concerns that people have with wearing braces is that they do not come off until the treatment is complete. If, for example, you get braces then decide to get married, you will either have braces in your wedding pictures or need to pay to remove them and reinstall them after. Simultaneously, if you have a big presentation at work and want to impress a client, your braces cannot come off for the meeting. This leaves many adults apprehensive about committing to a two-year treatment plan. We understand that appearance is important for more than vanity. It impacts your ability to create a professional image and retain your own self-image. As a North Hollywood provider of clear braces and aligners, we make it so that you do not have to compromise your appearance or lifestyle while straightening teeth; aligners are a key component of that.

We treat both teens and adults and understand that both can benefit from similar treatment options. While children may not be able to wear clear braces, teens can wear clear braces if they take proper care of them. The main difference between clear braces for teens and adult braces, is that teens may need to use their aligners for a longer period of time. With such a busy schedule, we expect teens to remove their aligners more frequently to do things like play sports.

Individuals with missing teeth have several options for restoring their smiles, and one of these options are dental bridges. Bridges can assist with filling the gaps left behind by missing teeth. Are they the right choice for you? Determining the answer to this question depends on several factors, so lets get started.They consist of artificial

A full mouth reconstruction refers to a number of procedures done in dentistry to rebuild and reconstruct the oral cavity, including the gums, teeth and sometimes the jaw. These procedures are done using a cosmetic and restorative approach, both of which are necessary in order to improve the appearance and overall function of the mouth.

Invisalign and traditional braces are two of the more common methods of orthodontic treatment. Each option offers unique benefits, and one may be preferable to another in certain situations. This review offers insights into how Invisalign and traditional braces compare to one another and how to choose the best option for you.Invisalign and traditional braces

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