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Dr. Lori Bagai knows that visiting the dentist can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. Our focus at Smart Smile in Orange, CA has encouraged us to create a comfortable atmosphere to help you relax during your dental experience. We have achieved our goal in our Orange, CA office by employing a warm welcoming staff to greet you and help you through your dental procedure. The staff is committed to making sure that your experience at Smart Smile in Orange, CA is relaxing and comfortable.

Orange cosmetic dentist, Dr. Bagai, knows that in order to achieve the best results, her patients need to feel comfortable and trust their dentist as well as the services provided. To achieve this goal at Smart Smile, Dr. Bagai keeps patients informed through a continuous open dialogue, updating them on needed dental procedures, as well as techniques used. Dr. Bagai will also inform patients of all dental options available, and choose the best plan that will fit each Orange, CA patients unique dental needs.

At Smart Smile OC, Orange dentist Dr. Lori Bagai is focused on the results. Dr. Bagai knows how important your smile is to how you look, and also to how you feel. Orange dentist, Dr. Bagai, continually provides the highest quality of cosmetic dentistry in Orange, CA. Dr. Bagai has years of experience and education she continually uses to provide her Orange, CA patients with the smile they deserve.

When you decide to look for a dentist in Orange, CA its important to make sure that they are up-to-date with all advanced dental technologies. Our staff at Smart Smile is well informed about current advances by constantly going to continuing education courses, lectures, and reading new industry information. We also ensure that our Orange, CA dental office is using the latest dental technology for all of our dental procedures.

Dental emergencies can happen anytime, that is why Orange, CA dentist Dr. Lori Bagai provides emergency dental services to her Orange, CA patients. We can help with the emergencies listed below and others as well. Please call our offices to find out more!

Dr. Bagai graduated with honors receiving a degree in dental surgery from the University of Calcutta, India in 1990. She has been very blessed to have been influenced by Mother Teresa since childhood in Calcutta and has helped out in many ways in all her causes including dentistry.

Dr. Lori Bagai has received honors and awards in branches of oral pathology, microbiology, oral diagnosis and dental radiology. After moving to Southern California, she was a dedicated volunteer dentist at M.E.N.D., a non-profit organization created to provide services that meet the basic human needs of individuals who reside in the Northeast San Fernando Valley.

Dr. Bagai has opened her beautiful state of the art office to indigenous people of Orange County, one Saturday a month, to provide them with free dentistry. She works closely with Western Service Workers Association in this cause.

While striving for excellence, Dr. Shadi is devoted to providing the highest quality care with a gentle touch. She makes it her priority to make all her patients feel comfortable, relaxed, and pain-free. Each patient is treated with respect, integrity, and kindness. As a lifelong learner, she has attended numerous advanced training courses across the country and is certified in Invisalign, the invisible alternative to traditional braces.

Dr. Shadi's involvement in underserved communities has shaped her perspective in recognizing the importance of commitment not only in practice but in the community as well. She has volunteered over 3000 hours to the community and continues to do so. Dr. Shadi has devoted her career to working in medically compromised areas; as well as positively impact the lives of others.

Dr. Shadi strives to address the patients concerns and provide a thorough explanation of their treatment plan. Dr. Shadi is an active member of the American Student Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and American Dental Association.

Dr. Parth Karia is a Southern California native, where he attended Gahr High School in Cerritos, CA. He studied Biochemistry and Cell Biology at the University of California, San Diego, where he made the decision to pursue dentistry through volunteering in the free dental clinics in San Diego. He then completed a Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences from Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ. He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) degree from the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. After graduating dental school, he moved to the East Coast to pursue an advanced training in hospital dentistry at Stony Brook University General Practice Residency. Following his passion for saving teeth, Dr. Karia successfully completed Endodontics specialty residency at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

Dr. Karia has a passion for community service and served as the Clinic Coordinator for 2 years running the Riverside Free Dental Clinic during his dental school providing weekly free dental services to underserved people. During his specialty endodontics residency, Dr. Karia was one of the only 2 residents selected in the country to serve in an International Outreach Dental Mission Trip to Jamaica. He was also active in research and presented his research at an oral presentation at the American Association of Endodontists annual meeting in Montreal, Canada.

He moved back home after his endodontics training to Southern California to be closer to his family. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, traveling, watching Lakers games and listening to podcasts. He is also fluent in Spanish, Hindi and Gujarati.

Dr. Nadia Hassan is a Southern California native who graduated from UCLA Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery program. Her career began with a biological science/neuroscience degree from the University of Southern California, where she graduated among the top of her class. She later decided to further her education by obtaining a dental degree from UCLA. While at the UCLA School of Dentistry, she received honors in several categories, as well as awards for clinical excellence and patient care. She once again graduated amongst the top of her class.

Dr. Hassan truly enjoyed the surgical aspect of dentistry while in dental school and decided to further her education in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at UCLA, which includes a Medical Degree from UCLA David Geffen Medical School, as well as an internship certificate in general surgery, training in temporomandibular joint disorders, maxillofacial trauma, benign tumor resection and reconstruction and dental reconstruction with dental implants and allogeneic bone grafting.

Dr. Hassan truly enjoys what she does and is committed to enhancing patient care by integrating her biological education, dental, and surgical skills. She hopes to pursue research in the future, but is dedicated to patient care as her first priority.

Dr. Chang has earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Columbia University, School of Dental and Oral Surgery in New York in 2008. From there, Dr. Chang also did his externship programs at Cornell University and St. Josephs Hospital, and has completed his implant training at Harvard University, School of Dental Medicine.

After returning back to his home town, Irvine, California, Dr. Chang has been working with offices equipped with state of the art technology in Orange County area for the past eleven years, through which Dr. Chang has gained knowledge in dentistry that enabled him to make the best decisions to bring the most predictable and successful results for his patients.

Dr. Hai is a board-eligible periodontist who received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery with Honors at the distinguished State University of New York at Buffalo. She then went on to complete an Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency at the esteemed UCLA Venice Dental Center and a Periodontics Specialty at the prestigious UCSF School of Dentistry where she also received a Master's in Oral and Craniofacial Sciences.

She has received numerous awards including the California Society of Periodontists Outstanding Graduate Research Award and the Global Oral Health Research Fellowship for her research on antibiotics in periodontics, which is published in the Journal of Periodontology. She has a broad range of experience from academia to community dentistry to private practice and with that she brings a greater degree of caring and compassion. As a periodontist, implant specialist, and all-on-4 specialist, she is specially trained to revitalize your gums, rebuild lost bone, and replace missing teeth with implants including same day smile reconstructions. Beyond her ability to provide excellent dentistry, Dr. Hai is passionate about providing cutting-edge care and alternatives for patients who may not be candidates for certain surgical procedures. Dr. Hai provides ceramic dental implants, gummy smile lip repositioning, gum lifts and contouring, minimally invasive gum grafting and more!

In her free time, Dr. Hai enjoys spending time with her family and friends, taking care of her cat and dogs, playing board games like Setters of Catan, enjoying nature and being involved in community service.

Do your teeth hurt? Are your gums swollen or sensitive? If left untreated, dental problems like these can lead to tooth loss and even loss of bone in your jaw. Healthy teeth and gums are the foundation of a beautiful smile. Dr. Lori Bagai and her team of professionals provide residents of Orange, California, the best in general and preventive dental care, so your teeth and gums remain healthy for life.

You may have cavities, gum disease, or other dental problems and be unaware of them. Left untreated, these problems will certainly grow into bigger issues requiring more expensive treatment to correct.

You can keep your teeth and gums healthy by getting regular dental exams. Emerging cavities can be detected early and fixed before they become larger problems. Gum disease can be found when it first starts and is easily handled.

Did you know old fillings dont last forever? Your old fillings can crack or begin to leak, leading to tooth decay. With regular checkups we can see when a filling needs to be replaced before a larger cavity forms.

Additionally, not all tooth and gum problems are easily visible. You need X-rays to find hidden problems that may be developing inside a tooth or under the gum line. Finding and fixing these problems early helps you keep a strong, healthy set of teeth for life.

Cavities are just another word for tooth decay. Left untreated, these can lead to painful toothaches and even loss of teeth. You can avoid these problems by getting your teeth checked regularly and having any cavities filled.

Do you have chipped, cracked, or broken teeth? It may not seem important now, but ignoring them can lead to bigger dental problems. By the time they start hurting, infection could have begun. In some cases, it may be too late to save the tooth.

'Dr Bagai and her staff are fantastic. I 've been going to her for years and am very pleased with the service and results. They are a very friendly group on top of it all! I highly recommend going to her.'

A root canal treatment can sound scary. But when a tooth becomes infected due to an injury or a deep untreated cavity, a root canal may be necessary to save the tooth and preserve your health. The infected tooth material must be removed to prevent the infection from spreadingpotentially even becoming life threatening.

The procedure involves removing the infected tooth material, called pulp, then cleaning and sterilizing the area. Once this is done, a sterile material is used to fill the hole and seal it against future infection.

Are your gums red and swollen, or do they bleed when you brush your teeth? This is not how your teeth are supposed to be, and maybe be signs that you have gum disease. While in its mild stages, gum disease simply causes bad breath, if left to progress to far it can even lead to losing your teeth.

Gum disease is caused by your gums becoming irritated and inflamed. Bacteria grows on a sticky substance called plaque which forms on your teeth about 4 to 12 hours after brushing. The bacteria produce acid which eats at your tooth enamel and can cause irritation to your gums. Left untreated, the plaque can spread to below the gum line and become a serious threat to your teeth.

Smart Smile Dental performs pinhole gum surgery, the latest technology in gum restoration, to fix your receding gums. Pinhole gum surgery is a minimally invasive technique with the following benefits over older gum grafting techniques:

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