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Ross Valley Dental - General dentist in San Anselmo, CA
915 Sir Francis Drake Blvd #1, San Anselmo, CA 94960
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We are empathetic. We want you to understand that we will treat you with the same skill, concern, and consideration that we would expect for our family members. We embrace education both for you and ourselves. We value communication. Your well being, comfort and satisfaction are among our primary concerns.

We are a full service practice drawing from the latest technologies and most current advances in the dental industry. Over the years we have added services based on our clients needs and requests. If you are in need of a service that does not appear on this list, please call our office. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about all of your dental concerns.

Ross Valley Dental - General dentist in San Anselmo, CA

We provide a through and detailed clinical exam for you. We assess your teeth, gums, TMJ, and complete an oral cancer exam. We review your current medical issues and medications. We coordinate communication between your physicians and our office. We also facilitate your care with dental specialists that we have vetted.

Ross Valley Dental - General dentist in San Anselmo, CA

We have the knowledge base to provide you with solutions from the most simple to the most complex. We work with reputable full service labs. We are current and up to date with our materials and techniques. We exercise care and expertise.

Ross Valley Dental - General dentist in San Anselmo, CARoss Valley Dental - General dentist in San Anselmo, CARoss Valley Dental - General dentist in San Anselmo, CARoss Valley Dental - General dentist in San Anselmo, CA

Periodontal therapy can be as simple as prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) and oral hygiene suggestions or as complex as minor surgical procedures. Periodontal disease is the major cause of tooth loss after age 40 and has been implicated as a co-factor in some medical conditions such as diabetes. We will always suggest the most conservative alternatives to manage this issue. We work directly with periodontists whenever your needs would be better served with speciality care.

Ross Valley Dental - General dentist in San Anselmo, CA

Root canal therapy does not have to be topic of past dental nightmares. When implemented carefully, tooth pain and infection can be predicatively and simply resolved. We additionally work with an endodontic group when your management requires their expertise.

Ross Valley Dental - General dentist in San Anselmo, CA

There are many ways for you to achieve a brighter whiter smile. Sometimes the over the counter products are cost effective and will satisfy your needs. Other times, professional results require professional solutions. We can guide you through the hype so that you can easily get what you want.

Ross Valley Dental - General dentist in San Anselmo, CARoss Valley Dental - General dentist in San Anselmo, CA

Unfortunately, teeth sometime need to leave us sooner than we would wish. It can be emotionally traumatic. We understand how you can feel when bad news arrives. We and our Oral Surgeons Specialists understand your dilemma and will treat you with kindness and respect.


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Jill Kramer
3 weeks ago
Had my first visit to RVD after my previous dentist retired and I'm very pleased with Dr. Kazak. He was very thorough and personable and his staff was also very helpful.

sharon hamilton
4 weeks ago
I highly recommend this practice. Dr. Kazak respected my preferences and went above and beyond to help with an issue.

Eric Siegel
4 weeks ago
Dr. Kazak is fantastically clear and thorough!

Wendy Adelson
a month ago
I am so pleased to have found Ross Valley Dental. Everyone involved from scheduling to the experience at the dental office is top notch. Dr. Kazak is kind, gentle, efficient, and very good at explaining what he is doing. I also really appreciate the obviously friendly relationships amongst the staff there. I highly recommend Ross Valley Dental.

kristen nickl
2 months ago
Love the staff, they do a great job!

Marilyn Izdebski
2 months ago
This is an absolutely wonderful dentist practice. They are excellent and friendly. I would highly recommend them to everyone who is looking for a primary dentist!

Barbara Alexander
2 months ago
Love this the staff!! and love the work too.

Jay M.
2 months ago
What a great dental office! The staff are all very friendly and welcoming. The visit was very efficient and the the environment is clean and relaxing. I would highly recommend Dr. K to anyone seeking a dentist in the area.

A Google User
2 months ago
Great service for an emergency repair to my bridge. Highly recommended

Jane Markell
2 months ago
Great office , wonderful staff and positive experience. Dr K did my very first crowns on two molars and he did a great job. I liked that he told me what to expect ahead of time and we discussed the procedure before we started.

Marya Vaughan Bartholomew
2 months ago
Best experience at a dentist! Thoroughly cleaned and checked my teeth. I was impressed:)

Tom Cronin
3 months ago
Great experience with solid advice that improved my oral hygiene 200 percent. I actually look forward to my cleaning visits. The whole crew at Ross Valley Dental is kind, caring and accommodating.

Asia Davis
4 months ago
I've never had a dentist I've liked as much. My cleaning was definitely the most thorough I've experienced. Glad I found this practice!

Michele Scannell
4 months ago
I had an excellent appt. and experience at Ross Valley Dental. All three interactions with staff were very comfortable, insightful, and valuable. So happy to have them as my new dental office !

Bonnie Nielsen
4 months ago
Everyone here has been nothing but friendly and capable each time I've come in (4 times now, I'm a new-ish client). They have done their best to make me feel comfortable and at ease, have done good quality, efficient dental work, and I trust that they aren't trying to sell me tons of procedures. I've had some pretty bad dentist experiences in the past, and have zero complaints with this crew. Would recommend!

nycole kochendarfer
6 months ago
Gina is incredibly gracious and Dr. Kazak is very reassuring and kind. We are so thankful that we were able to join the office and it being so close!

Paul Drobny
6 months ago
A very friendly, efficient and effective first meeting with Dr. Kazacks and Gina. They were right on time, pandemic prepared, as well as administratively prepared. They asked me up front for my current xrays and any other information my previous dentist of 20 plus years had, and plainly they had read up. I asked many questions about dental habits I had and how well my end was going, and they were happy to answer and give me tips and insight to keeping my dental health on track. To be honest, I was a bit nervous since my last dentist was absolutely fantastic and worked through layers of inter connected issues with me, gently and expertly. Dr. Kazaks appears to be of the same expertise and demeanor. I was VERY pleased and look forward to a long partnership at Ross Valley keeping my dental health tip top. Ah, yes, I didn't mention that Gina was able to get my Delta Dental switched to Ross Valley by just filling out a short questionnaire long before my appointment, Smooth sailing on all accounts. And, to get my wife signed up, Gina just asked she call her. Thank you, Gina and Nikita!

Rose Maher
6 months ago
This is just the best dentist and staff!! So attentive and professional but also so comforting and assuring.

Navruz Avloni
6 months ago
Great service. Friendly staff. Highly recommend!

Admin Desk
7 months ago
Got in right on time. Friendly, personal, relaxed experience.

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