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Since the inception of our practice, we have appreciated the value of teamwork. Pipkin Dentalhasa team of professionals that aspires to serve the community. Hence, when assembling our team,much care was taken to bring together a highly trained group that understood how to serve others with dignity, patience, and humility. Our efforts have culminated in a practice that is quite unique.

As the old adage says, Prevention is better than cure. We wholly agree and believe that oral health is best preserved through preventive methods. Our entire team works hard to stress the importance and benefits of excellent oral hygiene. We educate all patients in best methods to prevent and protect teeth from harm.

Technology has changed the way dentists perform treatments. From digital X-rays to computer-aided manufacturing tools, new age dentistry delivers astounding results. However, technology should not change the way dentists care for their patients. Some dental practices have forgotten this. We set out to bring a style of dentistry that uses technological advances without sacrificing how we view and treat each patient. We like to think that our dental approach is special, but only because we view every patient as such.

The entire Pipkin Dentalteam engages in continuous improvement of position related skills and technology. We also cross train in certain areas to improve how our team interacts with each other. All of this is done to make the client experience as comfortable and efficient as possible. We arevery proactive in implementing dental methodologies and technology that has been proven to furnish excellent results.

We take pride in maintaining a modern facility equipped with state-of-the-art dental tools. We are conveniently located at 20779 Bear Valley Road Suite 7B, Apple Valley, CA 92308. You are welcome to ask for a tour!

Pipkin Dental - General dentist in Apple Valley, CA

Two years later, she became a professor at the Davao Medical School Foundation, College of Dentistry where she lectured on Restorative Dentistry and Oral Pathology while also serving as a clinical instructor.

With excellence in mind, Dr. Pipkin strives to provide the best dentistry and professional service possible. She maintains a state-of-the-art facility. She attends classes and dental seminars to stay current with the newest dental technology and procedures, and she is very active, conferring with peers from a very extensive, professional network.

Through a large number of referrals, and positive reviews, she draws patients from several U.S. States perhaps because of her ability to provide top-quality, general dentistry with a specialty in oral and cosmetic surgery. Doctor Pipkin is professional, a very gentle and friendly dentist, plus a dental artisan. You will love her work.

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