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Dr. Shahab Parsa is continuing the Hyman Orthodontics family mission of providing a high-quality dental care to the community. Their commitment to high-quality orthodontics has been recognized with hundreds of 5 star reviews and most importantly, the privilege of caring for multiple generations of your family members!

Our team has been helping patients with their stunning, healthy smiles since 1962. With those years of experience we continue to upgrade our exceptional orthodontic care with the latest leading-edge technology.

Our team at My LA Braces loves to help our community as much as we enjoy taking care of our patients! Thats why wefrequently share our time and our resources with a variety of charitable causes and community outreach programs.

We do things differently at My LA Braces. Dr. Parsa is an orthodontic professional whos known as the best orthodontist in the greater Los Angeles area! We are so grateful to our patients who trust their smiles to My LA Braces. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional orthodontic care including traditional and advanced braces,Invisalign,accelerated orthodontics, and more.

Upgrading your smile should be a fun experience! Thats why at My LA Braces were constantly running reward programs and ongoing contests. Plus, while youre here we want you to be able to enjoy our family-friendly atmosphere and help yourself to our beverage refrigerator.

Contributing to our community and local projects is paramount to us. We wouldnt be here if it werent for the amazing people of the greater Los Angeles area! Some of the contributions weve made to community projects include:

If you or a family member doesnt speak English as your first language, then trying to discuss complex health concerns with any kind of healthcare provider can be stressful. In some cases, this kind of language barrier can even lead to poor treatment due to misunderstanding or miscommunication.

At My LA Braces, we recognize the importance of being able to communicate effectively with our patients for the best possible dental care. For this reason, we provide services in Spanish. This is just another way that we seek to go the extra mile to serve all members of our community.

When seeking orthodontic treatment, the first, and possibly most important information any orthodontic patient should understand, is that while all orthodontists are dentists, not all dentists are orthodontists. In fact, only 6% of dentists have undergone the years of extra training required to become an orthodontist. To be sure your orthodontist is indeed the specialist youre seeking, look for the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) seal.

In addition to being experts in their field, Dr. Parsa and Dr. Hyman are board-certified orthodontists. An orthodontist whos been certified by the American Board of Orthodontics has been voluntarily examined by his or her peers on the basis of knowledge and clinical skills. Becoming board certified signifies the orthodontists pursuit of continued proficiency and excellence in orthodontics.

Dr. Shahab Parsa is a board-certified orthodontist who has a passion for changing patients lives by bringing out their most wonderful smiles. He prides himself on staying current on the latest treatment techniques to provide the best options to fit your individual needs.

Dr. Parsa is on a mission to provide first-class and affordable orthodontic treatment to our community, and to do so while ensuring patient comfort and happiness. He is passionate about being part of the My LA Braces family and looks forward to continuing the tradition of excellent orthodontic services to all of our patients.

Dr. Parsa is a guitar enthusiast and is constantly practicing to improve his skills (just dont ask him to sing!). He is interested in learning about different cultures and has been learning studying the Spanish language for a few years. Puede hablar un poco de espaol contigo!

Dr. Parsa lives a healthy and active lifestyle and his favorite sports include tennis and snowboarding. Family is very important to Dr. Parsa, and he spends a lot of his free time with them, especially his adorable niece and nephew. Dr. Parsa has a large extended family across Los Angeles and Orange County and is happy to call Los Angeles home.

Born: Mexico / Raised: California Team Member Since: 2018 Favorite Dessert: Tres Leches cake and cheesecake Pet: German Shepard Dream Vacation Spot: Republic of South Korea Favorite TV Show: Bones Favorite Artists: BTS, Stray Kids, TXT, Jackson Wang, Shinee, The Weekend, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki Favorite Concert: All BTS concerts!

Born and Raised: Sonora, Mexico Team Member Since: 2015 Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Positive, Friendly, Funny First Job: Family Restaurant Favorite Dessert: Arroz Con Leche Dream Vacation Spot: Switzerland Hobbies: Eating Out and Horseback Riding! Strangest Thing I Believed As a Kid: If I went outside on a cold day with wet hair, my face would melt.

Born and Raised: East Los Angeles Team Member Since: 2009 Describe Yourself in a Sentence: I am a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky type of guy! First Job: Corner Store Crushing Soda Cans Dream Vacation Spot: Hawaii Favorite TV Show: American Horror Story Hobbies: Hanging Out with Friends Favorite Artists: Beyonce and Dr. Dre Pets: 2 Dogs (Brownie and Milo)

Born and Raised: Boyle Heights & Montebello Team Member Since: 2021 Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Patient, Friendly, Optimistic First Job: Boys & Girls Club of Southern Las Vegas Favorite Dessert: Tiramisu Dream Vacation spot: Europe/ Italy Favorite TV Show: Greys Anatomy Hobbies: Makeup Favorite Artist: Ariana Grande and The Weekend Strangest Thing I Believed As a Kid: The Tooth Fairy

Born and Raised: Downey, California Team Member Since: 2007 Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Friendly, Energetic, Caring First Job: Fedex Kinkos Favorite Dessert: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Dream Vacation Spot: Bora Bora Hobbies: Hiking, Spending Quality Time with My Kids Strangest Thing You Believed as a Kid: A Hidden Treasure was Buried in My Backyard

Born and Raised: Los Angeles, CA Team Member Since: 2021 Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Sweet, Quiet, Helpful First Job: Cashier at Target Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake Dream Vacation Spot: Switzerland Hobbies: Hiking, Spend Time with My God, Watch Movies Strangest Thing You Believed as a Kid: There Was No People Out in the Street When I would Be in School

Born and Raised: East Los Angeles Team Member Since: 2021 Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Funny, Caring, Outgoing First Job: Crocs Store Favorite Dessert: Mint Chip Dream Vacation Spot: Bora Bora Favorite TV Show: Flip or Flop Hobbies: Being Outdoors in Nature and Doing DIY Projects

Born and Raised: East LA Team Member Since: 2021 Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Dedicated, Caring, Friendly First Job: Pollo Loco Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream Dream Vacation Spot: Brazil Hobbies: Running, Arts, and Hiking Favorite Artist: Jorge Ben Jor

Born and Raised: Los Angeles Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Happy, Bubbly, Adventurous Team Member Since: 2010 First Job: Hyman Orthodontics Favorite Dessert: Crme Brle Dream Vacation Spot: Paris Hobbies: Spend Quality Time with My Son Strangest Thing You Believed as a Kkid: Dont Turn on the Light While Driving Because It Was Not Legal

Born and Raised: Boyle Heights Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Detail Oriented, Friendly, Energetic Team Member Since: 2019 First Job: Home Depot Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream Dream Vacation Spot: Mars Hobbies: Sports, Dog Walking, and Gaming Favorite Artist: Dr. Dre

Born and Raised: Los Angeles Describe Yourself in 3 Words: Kind, Helpful, Funny Team Member Since: 1976 First Job: Car Sales Favorite Dessert: Flan Dream Vacation Spot: New York Hobbies: Baking Strangest Thing You Believed as a Kid: Grandmother Would Say If We Looked Outside the Window at Night the Devil Would Appear


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