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I grew up in a small village in Hungary. My hardworking and brave father relocated our family to the United States when I was twelve to seek better opportunities outside of the restraints of communism.

Transitioning from a small community in Hungary and adjusting to the vastness of the United States was a huge cultural shift. It instilled toughness and resilience in me. My fathers braveryrelocating our family to achieve a better lifeinstilled determination. Bullying in school, which I overcame through toughness, also taught me to be compassionate to everyone, no matter their background or challenges.

I received my business degree from CSUN in 2001 and later graduated from UNLV dental schoolchoosing the latter because of its technology-driven dental school programs. It was here that I honed my skills and fell in love with the art and science of dentistry.

I find that a hand to the shoulder or reassurance during a dental procedure really makes a difference, and I love guiding patients toward healthy, beautiful smiles and making a positive impact on their lives.

I own my dental practice in Woodland Hills, CA, and when Im not there, I love spending time with my family, including my wife, Tasha, young daughter Maddy, and our toddler Jameson. I also enjoy continuing education and recently joined the Spear Study Club.

Ongoing advancements in science, technology, and understanding of the human body ensure that dentistry is an evolving field of medicine. In his 25 years as a practicing dentist in Canada and the United States, Dr. Joel Gould has been at the forefront of this evolution.

Dr. Gould launched a dynamic new practice concept, which he calls Modern American Dentistry. Begun at his flagship Manhattan Beach office in California, he has also expanded his practice to a 2nd location in Woodland Hills.

At Modern American Dentistry, Dr. Gould advances a straightforward and innovative approach to modern dental practices in an environment that is consistently comfortable and effective for his patients. His dental teams provide general and cosmetic dentistry and a broad range of comprehensive oral medical care.

He uses this new practice philosophy to embrace the dramatic evolution happening in dental care and treatment. I created Modern American Dentistry to show people that the practice of dentistry in 2016 can be a common sense, organized system that ensures all patients receive appropriate and timely treatment, he says.

An example of Dr. Goulds innovative approach is a collaboration with Dimitriys Dental Studios in Glendale, Calif., to create the Supermodel Veneer, part of his Instant Smile Makeover and Instant Pageant Makeover processes. He has developed several other cosmetic dental products. In addition, Dr. Gould has completed training in the art, science, and application of Botox and Juvderm facial fillers from top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Now his patients have options for a one-stop solution for dentofacial esthetic and anti-aging treatments for the ultimate Perfect Smile Makeover.

A native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Dr. Gould graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1991 with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery. In Ontario, he joined forces with the government to provide on-site dental care and treatment to elementary school children in underserviced areas. He also established a dental clinic in a rural Ontario community.

Subsequently, Dr. Gould operated a practice in Vancouver, British Columbia, for 10 years before relocating to California in 2001. He has continued his work with children as a volunteer with the Childrens Dental Center in Inglewood in the Los Angeles area.

In addition to his practice, Dr. Gould writes a regular dental column, The Smile Doctor, for Pageantry Magazine, the leading publication in the pageant field, which is distributed in fifty-two countries. His informative and entertaining segments on modernizing dentistry have been seen on network TV, including FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS. He also recently authored a book,The Perfect Smile, and is currently hosting his own radio podcast Get Your Smile On with Dr. Gould, available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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