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Happy Braces Orthodontics, Lakewood - Orthodontist in Lakewood, CA
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Happy Braces Orthodontics, Lakewood - Orthodontist in Lakewood, CA

Babak Yousefi, DDS, MS is a highly skilled orthodontistdedicated to providing gentle and effective care to patients of all dental backgrounds. A graduate of USC, Dr. Babak Yousefi achieved his Certificate Master degree in a field that he is passionate about. He believes that excellent oral health begins with education and prevention and has made it his mission to enlighten patients to ways they can take greater control over their own dental health. Dr. Yousefi is committed to continuing education and remaining aware of the latest advancements in oral health and dentistry.

Happy Braces Orthodontics, Lakewood - Orthodontist in Lakewood, CA

In January of 2019, Dr. Sarah Santos-Rangsuebsin permanently moved from Madison, WI back to her home state of California with her husband and two children. Dr. Santos-Rangsuebsin comes to Happy Braces Orthodontics with over 16 years of experience as the lead Orthodontist in a multi-specialty group practice.

Dr. Santos-Rangsuebsin lived in Southern California for over 20 years, from early childhood through her college years, before moving to Wisconsin. It was during her own orthodontic treatment in California that she developed a strong desire to work in the dental field. She made the decision to dedicate herself to the pursuit of becoming an Orthodontist.

Dr. Santos-Rangsuebsin graduated with honors from Marquette University Dental School in May 2000, after earning her DDS and MS degrees, and Certificate of Orthodontics. Dr. Santos-Rangsuebsinwas trained in the most contemporary Orthodontic philosophies by some of the worlds leading authorities. Her awards include the Pierre Fauchard Academy Outstanding Student Leadership, the MUSOD Family Tuition Grant, the MUSOD Morton Academic Scholarship and the American Dental Association Academic Scholarship.

Dr. Santos-Rangsuebsin is committed to being on the leading edge of orthodontics, including the most advanced treatment technology. As part of this commitment, she has historically been one of Invisaligns Premier Providers when she practiced in Madison, WI. In addition, she was voted Top Orthodontists from 2007 to 2017, in Madison Magazines yearly surveys.

Dr. Santos-Rangsuebsin believes she has the best job in the world and is grateful to be able to give her patients beautiful, healthy and confident smiles. Dr. Santos-Rangsuebsin enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and twoyoung children.

The most obvious benefit of orthodontic treatment is that of an improved smile and self-esteem, but the real benefits are so much more important. Orthodontic treatment can help improve the function of your teeth, better oral hygiene, improved health in the long-term, reduced risk of injury, and reduced self-consciousness.

There are several signs that indicate whether phase one or phase two orthodontic treatment is necessary. This includes bucked teeth, an overbite or underbite, crowded or crooked teeth, poor alignment, difficulty chewing, teeth that wear oddly, excessive spacing between teeth, and thumb sucking that continued through an older age (six or seven).

Orthodontic treatment can really start at any age, however, if early treatment (phase one) is needed that must start between the ages of six and ten. Early treatment can prevent the need for jaw surgery and complications.

Placement of braces doesnt hurt, however, when theyre connected with archwires your teeth might feel achy for a couple of days. Additionally, surrounding tissues like your cheeks and lips could need some time to get used to the feeling of braces.

You will wear your aligners nearly all of the time, with the exception of about two hours per day. Invisalign treatments are different for everyone, but most patients can achieve their ideal smiles within one to two years. During that time, you can expect to make occasional dental visits to monitor your progress.

Following your treatment, you will no longer need to wear Invisalign trays. However, you will need to wear a retainer each day to help protect your new smile. It is also important to continue visiting your dentist for routine check-ups and twice-yearly cleaning.

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