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Dr. Jayjay Sapigao grew up in Palm Springs, California. He received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemistry at the University of Redlands. Following his undergraduate studies, he continued his dream of being a dentist and attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, School of Dental Medicine where he received his Doctorate in Dental Medicine.

Additionally, Dr. Jayjay Sapigao enjoys giving back to his community every year and helping those most in need by being a longtime volunteer dentist at California CareForce Clinics. When not serving his patients, he enjoys spending time with his family and being active outdoors. He is also an avid Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey fan and Formula 1 racing fan.

Mary Jane Sapigao was born and raised in Palm Springs, California. She received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from California State University, San Bernardino. She later continued her education and became a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN).

Mary Jane is the Chief Operating Officer of Diamond Star Dental. She is excited to be a part of Diamond Star Dental and is looking forward to welcoming new patients and getting to know all of the established patients. She is also a longtime volunteer at California CareForce Clinics alongside her husband. When Mary Jane is away from the office, she enjoys photography and spending time with her family and friends.

Caren is a dental assistant with 4 years of experience. She is open to learning new techniques that get integrated into the dental field. Caren enjoys interacting with patients and making them feel welcomed. Outside of her career, she loves to travel, eat, and spend time with friends and family.

Nidia began her dental career over 20 years ago, in front-desk administration. Nidia is passionate about getting to know all of our patients and making sure that they receive quality service and attention from our front desk. Nidia was born in Mexico, she resided in Las Vegas, NV most of her young adult life. She has been a resident of our beautiful Coachella Valley since 2011, where she has proudly raised her children.


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Irma Cooper
3 weeks ago
I had a very wonderful experience at Diamond Star Dental yesterday for my first patient visit, after having bad experiences at other local dentist. I had x-rays done as well as got my teeth cleaned all in a first visit! It's a very professional office and family owned. Dr. Sapigao was great explaining all the process and very gentle. I loved the smart TV where I can watch while the Doctor works on you. I'm so happy I finally found me dentist! I even made an appt for me husband! Thank you Diamond Star Dental!

Matt B.
3 weeks ago
I was referred here by my brother. Man was that a great recommendation. Dr. Sapigao was consistently checking and asking if I was comfortable. I hadn't been to the dentist in over 6 years. Needless to say, I needed some work done. Dr. Sapigao showed me pictures and X-Rays of what was going on with my teeth on T.V. screens in the exam room. He took his time to point out what he was looking at, and what he was concerned about. He also explained what action he was going to take that day. Other dentist I've been too just simply said you need "xyz" and just did it. They didn't let me ask any questions or voice my concerns. I really appreciated how Dr. Sapigao took his time. I also like how thorough he was. Checking and re-checking the work to make sure it was done completely and correctly. By the way, those T.V.'s are also used to stream shows for you to watch with headphones during your procedures! How awesome is that! You almost forget you're in a dental office! Thank you Dr. Sapigao, I'll be back!

Shanendoah Nokes
4 weeks ago
I have 2 absessed teeth, I call to make an appointment, I'm put on hold, after ten minutes on hold I get disconnected, so I call back. 5 times in a row they pickup and hang up. So utterly unprofessional, I'm making it a mission to tell ppl dont go here. If that's how they act on the phone, there's no way I can trust them with my health

Vincent Lynch
4 weeks ago
Dr Sapigao and his Staff are a GOD SEND for me. From the initial phone call to make an appointment which was quickly and conveniently made. To walking into the office and being greeted by the best smiles and the warmest most patient staff ...especially Raquel. I'm severely hearing impaired and they took every measure to make me feel comfortable to understand what was going on and to me that is immense and goes Beyond professionalism. The doctor was kind and also understanding his work was amazing and painless. Honestly I can't wait to go back! LOL I wish there were a Million Stars to give ! I've had some really awkward painful dental surgery and this was a walk in the park for a root canal. Many many thanks! You have a patient for life!

Isabel OKane
a month ago
This office is immediately relaxing. The atmosphere calm, the office is clean and inviting. The staff makes you feel at home. I LOVED the tvs and . My approval for.insurance came quickly and I'm making this my new home dentist.

Nelly M
3 months ago
Dr. Sapigao and staff were all very friendly and helpful. Very informative and understanding to any questions I had. Glad I found a new dentist!

matt elrod
5 months ago
Incredible. Top notch service. Truly professional and best experience I have had. Painless and took care of me and all of my. Concerns. Thank you Diamond Star Dental.

Robert Catsavas
6 months ago
It was an amazing experience. Very progressive and futuristic dentist - modern technology in every aspect. From tv on ceiling and headphones to an outstanding staff. He is a wonderful dentist. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to become a patient. Having a crown done was way better than I had anticipated. Actually looking forward to additional work I need done now . Fortunately I found him !!!

Sharon Wright
8 months ago
Headphones so I could listen to the streaming entertainment of choice. Not the dental procedure. I didn't feel a thing.

Amanda Azar
10 months ago
Strongly recommend Dr. Sapigao and his team/staff- great vibes! Staff is humble and welcoming. They have smart TVs in front of the chair and on the ceiling to ease your anxiety with Netflix with great quality head phones. They present your plan of care right there on the smart TV screen and break it down very clearly and easy understanding. Super cool !! Dr. Sapigao and his dental team eases my dental anxiety. After my first visit, I didn't fear my next appointment (first time ever!!). He has advance technology, they have a Modern Zen theme office, big Screens in front of you chair chair and top of celling where they present your Plan of care/ x-rays, super cool! Their professionalism is genuinely heart warm felt, amazing staff, works great with children (my son loved everyone too), everyone goes above and beyond, Dr. Sapigao and staff take their time with you, very thorough, clean, great vibes, very comforting!! I definitely will continue coming and bringing my Family and friends for dental service. 10 star in my book!!

12 months ago
from the moment I was on the phone with Mary Jane I felt so welcome , she was so amazing friendly, professional and helpful , really cute, clean and great prices if u need to take care that tooth the rest of the staff was. same friendly professional , also while I was there I can tell the care for the customers not only bring it the best service but also I saw immediately after a customer left the staff make sure to disinfect no just clean the area . 100% will recommend this place.

Terry Romero
12 months ago
What a wonderful surprise!!! Hi, like most other people, I'm just not a fan of going to the dentist. Especially the first time, because you don't know the doctor, or the people, or really what's gonna be happening. Dr.Sapigao and all of his assistants who work with him, turned my thoughts around about dentists. From the moment that I walked in, until I left, I was treated with kindness! The one word besides kindness that comes to my mind, is thorough. The doctor is so thorough in his inspection of x-rays, and explaining things and treatments to you, that I was put at ease! This doctor knows his stuff too! And he literally takes all the time that you need to ask him questions, and figure out a plan for your teeth. I absolutely recommend this doctor 100% to anybody out there! If you, like I, have had any kind of fears about a dentist, or uncomfortable going to one, this is a good place for you to go because going there will change your mind about the dentist! Thank you Dr. Sapigao and crew for being so kind To me, and just for being so knowledgeable! For being so thorough! I will see you at my next appointment!

Valeriano Gomez
a year ago
The doctor and staff are very professional and courteous.

Krizia balanay
a year ago
I was a new patient, and EVERYONE in the office was so professional. Dr. Sapigao was knowledgeable and very informative. The entire office was very up-to-date with modern equipment and it has such a pleasant environment. Dr. Sapigao really loves what he does. I had a great experience and will be coming back regularly. One of the best!!

Jievin Martinez
a year ago
Undoubtedly the best dental-related experience I've ever had. During my appointment, Dr. Sapigao pulled up my x-rays on the screen in front of me and explained everything that he recommended to be done and why. I have been to other dentists that exaggerated what my needs were in order to make more money. So it was a relief to find a dentist with integrity. I really appreciated the time he took to make sure I understood what was going to be done. I thought it was also very cool that there were tv screens on the ceilings so I could enjoy a show while he was working on my teeth. Overall, an amazing experience with an amazing staff all around.

Jill King
a year ago
Doctor did a great job pulling my tooth out today. Highly recommended and will be going there for future work

Dorie Wheaton
a year ago
I was looking for a emergency oral surgeon in the desert, as I needed a broken tooth extracted. The 1st business that popped up was Diamond star dental...I called them right away, and a very pleasant lady Nidia answered the phone, she got me right in the next morning. Was greeted very professionally. Had to have xrays done in that area my tooth broke...the dentist put the pictures from the xrays on the big TV screen so you can see the results and explains what he is going to do. Went over the costs of services with Nidia. And went ahead and removed that tooth. It was one of the most comfortable feelings having that tooth extracted I hardly felt a thing. While your laying back in the chair there is a TV screen on the ceiling so you can watch TV. I went today to have the stitches removed, and we also did full mouth of x-rays...Dr went over in detail of teeth that needed attention...he very much in detail showed me the picture of tooth he was talking about and what needed to be done. This is all showed to you on big tv screen in detail...he asked me a few times if I had any questions or concerns. I have been to other dentists and never been treated like this wonderful...nor has another dentist ever took the time to explain these things to me. Im so grateful I found this place. They are my new dentist office. When I left the dentist office today, I got a text from Nidia thanking me for coming in today. She also goes over in detail what your costs are going to be with and without insurance and shows you in detail on TV screen where that work will need to be done. Truly the best experience with a dentist office! I highly highly recommend them. Dorie

chris hinojosa
a year ago
Came to this office, the staff was extremely exceptional ,very helpful and most of all friendly, made my visit completely comfortable, I highly recommend coming here

Rosario Perez
a year ago

Josie Torres
a year ago
Diamond Dental facility is exceptionally clean . The staff are all very knowledgable in their field They are all very helpful and very professional .

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