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Exceptional patient care has always been our biggest priority at Dentistry For Kids & Adults. Thats why our number one priority is you, the patient! The moment you walk in our doors you will be greeted by name and treated like family. Its our goal to make you feel comfortable, while we give you the best care possible.

She is a co-founder of a dental software that improves communication between team members and patients allowing for a safer and efficient dental care delivery. She is also a published author and speaker.

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and cooking with her fianc. She likes to spend time with her family, travel, and discover new restaurants. And, of course, she loves watching Pixar movies so she can discuss with her patients!

He then went on to receive his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of California, San Francisco where he graduated with the Omicron Kappa Upsilon, National Dental Honor Society distinction.

Upon graduation, Soha was presented with several top awards that recognize her academic and clinical achievements, as well as her work with providing dental care to the medically compromised or elderly patients at the VA Hospital in West Los Angeles.

Today, Soha enjoys educating people about the importance of preventing dental problems by teaching them the proper way of flossing and brushing. Her patients enjoy her light touch and her teammates appreciate her eagerness to help out whenever needed.

A Santa Clarita native, Stephanie attended College of the Canyons. She achieved her goal of becoming a dental hygienist by receiving a degree in Dental Hygiene from the Concorde Career College in Garden Grove.

Stephanie enjoys learning about her patients and the always evolving field of dentistry. She strives to approach each day with a smile and provides a positive, comfortable experience for each patient.

Shawna seems to make the impossible possible by working out even the toughest situations for our patients. She finds a way to make dentistry affordable for every patient; she figures out a way to maximize insurance benefits for patients who need a lot of dental work; she helps fearful patients feel at ease by finding solutions to minimize their fear or discomfort; she finds answers to all patient questions or concerns.

With her infectious smile and sparkling eyes, Shawna exudes warmth and confidence that our patients appreciate so much. She never seems to have a bad day and always naturally assumes the responsibility of a team leader, getting everyone in the office on the same page and ready to serve our patients.

Jessica has been working with us since graduating from Dental Assisting College in 2005. With her vibrant smile and loving personality, she always wants to make sure that every patient leaves our office with a positive experience.

Bright and dedicated to her work, Jessica is always looking for new and innovative ways to help her patients. After learning about Invisalign clear aligners and completing an Invisalign Certification, she has been involved in all of our Invisalign Smile Makeovers that help patients achieve straight, beautiful smiles without braces. In her free time, Jessica enjoys playing outdoors with her daughter and her dogs, Spike and Sasha, as well as other outdoor activities, like paintball and soccer. Very outgoing and passionate, Jessica enjoys working in the dental field and hopes to someday attend a dental school to become a dentist.

With over ten years of experience in dentistry and her incredible efficiency, there is very little that Patty cannot do. Before joining our office, she had been working as a liaison between a union and a dental insurance plan, where she learned to help patients get the most out of their dental benefits.

Patty came to work in a private practice because she genuinely enjoys interacting with patients in person. With her vivacious laugh and endless energy, she easily connects with our patients and ensures that everyone feels comfortable.

She says that its our friendly patients who make her smile every minute of every day. Pattys job is to work with insurance companies to represent the interests of our patients and to ensure that every patient can get the most out of his or her dental insurance benefits.

In her free time, she enjoys watching her daughter play basketball and listening to her son play various musical instruments. Her passion is running, hiking and spending time with her husband, children, and their two dogs.

Claudia is very friendly and has a soft touch that makes little ones feel so comfortable with her. She is also very detail-oriented and organized and makes every procedure that she assists with a quick and easy experience.

Aside from taking care of patients, she also makes sure that kids have a wide variety of toys to choose from as prizes for their excellent behavior, and she helps keep our kids rooms clean and enjoyable. Claudia is currently studying to become a dental hygienist.

Sam graduated with a degree in dental assisting from The Charter College in 2012. Sam enjoys working with people. He chose this career path because he wanted to to be in a field where he could contribute to their wellbeing and health.

Kristin received an Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Health Professions and an Associate of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene from West Los Angeles College. She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2015.

Daisy graduated with honors from Charter College. She has been a Dental Assistant for over three years and is currently studying for her state board exam to become a Registered Dental Assistant. What Daisy loves most about the dental field is being able to make a difference in the lives of our patients. Her goal every day is to make each patients visit as pleasant as possible. Youll often hear Daisy in an operatory laughing and sharing jokes with patients to make them feel comfortable. Daisy likes to spend her downtime outdoors hiking with her dog, Lucy, running marathons for local organizations, fishing, and kayaking. Her rule in life is try everything once before saying, I dont like it.

She started her dental career as a clinical dental assistant but quickly gravitated to the front office, where she could work with patients on solving their treatment and insurance dilemmas. Being inquisitive and a problem-solver by nature, she found her true calling in guiding patients in making treatment decisions, educating them about their treatment options, and helping them understand their insurance contracts.

Sandra has been with our office since its early days. With well over 12 years of experience in the dental field, she has assisted with just about any dental procedure imaginable. As a Clinical Supervisor in our office, Sandra makes it her duty to keep our office clean, organized, well-stocked, and running smoothly.

She has personally trained many of our clinical staff and implemented many great ideas that make dentistry safe and efficient for all of our patients. Very hardworking and always in a good mood, Sandra has never appeared to have a bad day in the many years that shes been with us.

Being a dedicated team player, she is always eager to jump in to help anyone who may need a hand or to comfort anyone who needs a pat on the back. Besides dentistry, Sandras other passions in life are her two sons, Jerry and Ryan.

Jose graduated in 2010 from Everest College with his degree in dental assisting. His goal is to continue his education to become a Registered Expanded Functions Dental Assistant to serve the needs of our patients better.

Jason is a compassionate person who enjoys helping people. He started his career by joining his familys construction business, but he soon found that he was interested in health and wellness and wanted to follow a career path that allowed him to help people improve their health.

Jason is currently taking additional courses in dental assisting as well as pursuing his general education at the Antelope Valley College. When not at school or work, Jason enjoys working out and researching healthy eating.

At Dentistry for Kids and Adults, we are committed to delivering quality dental care to you and your family safely and efficiently. As a part of this commitment, we continuously seek out the best materials and technology to help us provide the best possible care and create a pleasant experience every time you visit.

Digital Radiography has changed the way we take dental x-rays, making the process safer, faster and a lot more comfortable. Unlike traditional x-rays that use film, digital x-rays are taken with a small digital sensor that uses significantly less radiation and doesnt require the use of chemicals to develop the images.

With digital x-rays, high-quality images instantly pop-up on the screen, saving time and allowing us to review your x-rays and share our findings with you right in the treatment room. The use of digital technology also helps us make a more accurate diagnosis and make better treatment recommendations.

An intra-oral camera is a small, pen-like device used to take high-quality, magnified, color images of your teeth and gums. It helps us diagnose and document certain conditions that may not be visible on x-rays, and it allows us to share this information with insurance companies and dental specialists as needed.

We are proud to be one of the first practices in Santa Clarita to utilize Cone Beam 3D technology. This advanced technology allows us to take three-dimensional of your mouth and jaw with less radiation and in less time than traditional film.

DIAGNOdent is a revolutionary new way to find even the smallest areas of tooth decay and cavities. By using the advanced DIAGNOdent technology, we can treat small cavities and areas of tooth decay before they become larger issues requiring multiple procedures.

DIAGNOdent is a pen-like device that uses a precise laser scanning system to scan your teeth while sending out an audio signal and registering a digital read-out. By measuring the fluorescence within each tooths structure, we can identify where cavities are developing on and around your teeth. DIAGNOdent is comfortable and takes only a few short minutes to scan your entire mouth for cavities and decay. Detecting tooth decay as early as possible helps eliminate the number of costly treatments that you may need down the line and helps treat small problems before they become serious dental cases.

Our practice is completely paperless, which means that our patients charts, clinical notes, medical histories, x-rays and other vital records are stored electronically. Using less paper is great for the environment, and it helps us provide safer, convenient, and more thorough care to our patients.

Isolite is an innovative device that makes your procedure more comfortable, reduces treatment time, and assures high-quality dental care for you and your loved ones. Isolite is a soft, flexible mouthpiece that gives patients a place to rest their jaw and relax. It protects the tongue and cheeks, keeps away any debris and controls bad tastes and smells.

Trios Intraoral Scanners have replaced the need for messy, uncomfortable impressions that often had to be taken over and over again and didnt always produce the best results. The new, state-of-the-art 3S Shapes Trios Scanner takes high-quality digital impressions in color, significantly improving accuracy and the final fit of your dental restoration. There are many benefits of using Intraoral Scanners for digital impressions. Scanning is more comfortable and takes less time to complete than traditional dental impressions.

Unlike the conventional plastic trays and rubbery impression materials, digital scans produce less distortion and more accurate digital impression, which in turn, leads to better clinical outcomes. Moreover, because digital scans are sent to the laboratory directly via a secure portal, there are fewer steps, limiting the risk of errors or miscommunication.

ScanX Digital Radiography System utilizes wireless, wafer-thin PSPs to take digital x-rays with exceptional comfort and the same crisp image quality. PSP plates are very thin, small, flexible, and have rounded corners so that even our youngest patients can feel comfortable and relaxed when taking their first x-rays.

PSP plates are also faster and more sensitive than traditional dental film and require a lot less radiation so that moms and dads can be confident that their child is receiving the least amount of radiation needed to produce a necessary diagnostic x-ray.

We were voted the Best Dentist in Santa Clarita, and we work hard every day to show our patients why we deserve this honor. We love to see patients return year after year and we have proudly served generations of families in our practice. We believe in preventive dentistry because we feel that prevention is the best way to control both dental disease and the cost of dental care. We encourage our patients to come in regularly for their cleanings and checkups so that problems can be noted earlier and treated with less invasive techniques.

We take full advantage of the newest advances in dental technology. We use lasers, digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and Cone Beam Computing Tomography (CBCT) to provide safe, comfortable, and non-invasive diagnosis and treatments. And we are environmentally-conscious. Our paperless technology with iPad registration forms and online access save trees and save our patients time.

From the beginning, it was our mission to provide the finest dental care with a personal touch. We have designed our spa-like office with your comfort and convenience in mind. We invite you to have a refreshing beverage, cover your eyes with protective eyeshades, put on soundproofing headphones, and relax with a neck pillow and a warm blanket as you watch TV or listen to music during treatment. But its not our amenities that will make your visit pleasant; its our attentive and patient-focused team who will do everything they can to create a great dental experience for you and your loved ones.

Our goal is to assure that kids and young adults feel good about visiting the dentist and establish healthy habits that promote a lifetime of healthy and beautiful smiles. We appreciate the trust and confidence that parents place in us, and we work hard to earn the trust and confidence of their children.

We focus on prevention, early detection, and gentle treatment in a non-threatening and caring environment. Our bright, spacious, and open child-friendly facility allows parents to stay with their little ones as they receive gentle dental cleanings or dental treatment.

We use a tell-show-do technique to help children get to know us before we begin any treatment. With fun cartoons on the ceiling monitors, our caring, and upbeat dental team, and cool prizes awarded for good behavior, its no wonder that our young patients look forward to going to the dentist.

Our practice is centrally located in a way that allows us to serve: Canyon Country, Saugus, Valencia, Newhall, Stevensons Ranch, Castaic, Palmdale, and Lancaster. Wherever you are coming from in the greater Santa Clarita area, it will be an easy trip to our office.

Every day we meet people who would rather be anywhere else but here. We meet people who suffer from painful teeth and bad breath; who are self-conscious about their smile; who fear to go to the dentist because of a bad experience in the past; who have waited too long and are now embarrassed to return.

If this is you, we can help! We promise to listen. We promise that we will not lecture or judge. We promise to take the time and work with you within your comfort and budget. Weve helped thousands of patients, just like you to achieve a healthy smile, gently, comfortably and painlessly. And we are here for you!

No insurance? No problem! We are pleased to offer an in-house Dental Savings Membership, which was specifically designed to help uninsured patients get the care they need and deserve. Unlike dental insurance, this Dental Savings Membership does not have annual maximums, deductibles, pre-


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