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Welcome! Youre probably reading this because you want to get an idea of who I am, and whether or not you should trust me to be your dentist. Thats totally fair, and I would advise all of my friends and family to have the same level of diligence youre doing when choosing a health-care provider.

Im absolutely grateful to be doing something I love. Remember when you were 10 and had to write that essay on what you wanted to be when you grew up? WellI wrote down DENTIST. No joke, Ive wanted to work on teeth for as long as I can remember. So without sounding like too cliche, this isnt just a career, it really is a true passion of mine.

Im grateful to my parents, who may have not had the financial means to support me through school, but had enough confidence in me to co-sign on the absurdly expensive student loan at NYU that Im still paying for.

Im grateful for my family for helping me keep it together, because its not easy being a working Mom. According to my kids, Im the absolute best dentist in San Diego, and it makes me extremely happy that they want to follow in my footsteps and eventually take over the office. Ill do whatever I can to help them follow their dreams.

My name is Mimi Tran and I am a San Diego native, originally from Mira Mesa. I received my bachelor's degree at UCSD and went to dental school at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. As a general dentist, I keep up with the newest advances in my field in order to provide the best care possible. I believe in building meaningful relationships with my patients and empowering them through oral health education.

I am passionate about community service and giving back to those around me. Each year I volunteer at events sponsored by the California Dental Association where I provide dental services to the underserved. Abroad, I had the wonderful experience in 2013 to serve the rural people of Jamaica through a humanitarian mission trip.

My interests include yoga, baking, camping and traveling the world with my husband who is a practicing pediatrician. Some of my favorite destinations include Thailand, Japan and Yosemite National Park.

We have quite the team here at Dental Design SD, and we're here to bring you the best possible dental experience. We know that going to the dentist is never fun...but if we can make a not-so-fun experience tolerable, then we've done our job :) Check out our Instagram page to get to know us!

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