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ClearChoice doctors focus on dental implants. Whether its replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth or full upper and lower arches, the doctors and clinical staff at ClearChoice offer patients a world class level of expertise and care.

The ClearChoice treatment model revolves around the patient. With a highly trained team, precise imaging equipment, dental lab facilities and helpful Patient Education Consultantsall together in the same centerwere uniquely equipped to make dental implant treatment the best possible experience it can be for patients.

Because dental implant treatment is a surgical procedure, its best to have oral and maxillofacial surgeons on your team. Our surgeons have training in the complexities of the bone, skin, muscles and nerves to optimize treatment results.

The restorative dentists, or prosthodontists, work closely with the oral surgeons to create lifelike prosthetic teeth. Prosthodontists have a special understanding of the dynamics of a smile and all aspects of oral health.

For over 15 years, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers have provided innovative and quality dental implant care to patients across the United States. Each center is focused on the same missionto provide quality dental implant treatment for people who are looking for a long-term solution to chronic dental issues.

Its clear that our approach to dental implants is working. By assembling all of the doctors, clinical staff, and elements needed for successful treatment together in one center, we give people new smiles, and new leases on life, faster and better than ever imagined.

Today, there are more than 77 ClearChoice Centers in the growing network. ClearChoice doctors share information among their peers, discuss new developments and collaborate on research. Staying in line with the latest industry standards is just one way that ClearChoice doctors are committed to providing quality care and expertise to patients at each ClearChoice Center across the nation.

With innovative dental technology, teams of highly skilled clinicians, and all-in-one treatment approach, ClearChoice doctors are helping more people break free from the pain and embarrassment of chronic dental health issues.

Just as dental implants have emerged as the preferred solution for missing or unhealthy teeth, ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers have become a preferred provider for dental implant treatments. There are three important reasons why:

ClearChoice doctors stand out in terms of qualification, certification and experience. The materials used for implants and crowns, such as medical-grade titanium and zirconia, are high quality for maximum durability and good looks.

In the past, dental implant treatment was a long, multi-stage process that was complicated, uncomfortable and quite costly. ClearChoice changed that with all-in-one centers. Now, qualified patients can have the procedure done in one place and leave with new teeth in just one day.**

Theres another huge benefit of the ClearChoice all-in-one treatment approach: fewer bills and less guessing at how much it will all cost in the end. At ClearChoice, you get one fixed price for your procedurethere are no add-on charges for lab services or supplies. Plus, precise technology allows treatments such as full arch replacement, which often requires fewer implants and less bone grafting.

While considering your options for teeth replacement you may have asked yourself what are dental implants and are they the solution for me? Well, dental implants are artificial tooth roots that provide a permanent base for fixed, replacement teeth. Compared to dentures, bridges and crowns, dental implants are a popular and effective long-term solution for people who suffer from missing teeth, failing teeth or chronic dental problems. Because they fit, feel and function like natural teeth, dental implants are quickly becoming a new standard in tooth replacement.

What makes dental implants feel completely comfortable and secure? Doctors use a titanium implant fixture that, over time, actually fuses to the living bone cells of the jaw. This union forms a strong and durable anchor for your new teeth, meaning theres no slippage or other movement (which can sometimes happen with dentures). There are also no problems eating with dental implants, no need to repair them regularly and no more worrying about smiling freely and openly.

You can use dental implants to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or a full upper and/or lower set of teeth. If you need to restore a full arch, you may be a perfect candidate for the full mouth treatment. Surgeons will place four implants and then attach a full arch of teeth, giving the procedure its name (all teeth, only four implants).

Just as dental implants have emerged as the preferred choice for tooth replacement, the ClearChoice approach has become the preferred model for dental implant treatment. Our team of experts works together under one roof, with a fully equipped, onsite lab, to build beautiful smiles in a way that works for our patients.

Patients who need to replace a full upper and/or lower set of teeth can now receive full mouth implants. An oral surgeon will place 4 implants and then attach a full arch of teeth, giving the procedure its name.

Occasionally a patient is missing more than one tooth, but still has healthy gums and surrounding teeth, and a multiple implant is the best solution. Two fixtures are implanted and the crown is attached, leaving other natural teeth intact. The multiple implant is not for everyone, and even if a patient is only missing a few teeth, it may still be preferable to perform a full mouth/arch procedure.

If you have lost a single tooth due to an accident or from periodontal disease, that one tooth can be replaced using a dental implant. Your new tooth will look and function just like your other natural teeth.

If you struggle with dental issues and cant seem to find a solution that makes you happy, dental implants could be the right choice for you. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, many people find that the health benefits are an important factor when considering implants.

For example, did you know implants can help prevent bone loss in the jaw? The natural erosion of bone begins as soon as a tooth is lost, and if nothing is done, this may result in the loss of other teeth and could cause a sunken look in facial features. Dental implants integrate with the bone, providing a stimulus that keeps the jawbone from deteriorating. This helps maintain a more youthful facial structure, boosts confidenceand leads to better oral health.

Of course, you cant forget about some of the more common advantages of dental implants. Unlike dentures, they never slip or moveand you dont have to use special cleaners and adhesives. Unlike fixed bridgework, dental implants dont require adjacent healthy teeth to be filed down. And, theres this fact to consider: studies have reported that the long-term success rate of implants is over 95%.*

ClearChoice Dental Implant Center - Periodontist in San Jose, CAClearChoice Dental Implant Center - Periodontist in San Jose, CAClearChoice Dental Implant Center - Periodontist in San Jose, CA
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