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Austin K. Brown, DDS & Christina P. Mason, DDS - General dentist in Clayton, CA

Caring and compassionate general dentist Christina Mason, DDS, is committed to her patients oral health. At her relaxing practice Christina P. Mason, DDS, Inc., in Clayton, California, Dr. Masons mission is to change lives for the better and to bring love, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and even fun to the lives of her patients and team.

Dr. Masons journey into dentistry began at a young age. She fell off her bike in third grade and subsequently susanknocked out her two front teeth. Her pediatric dentist placed two gray, stainless steel crowns on her teeth, and although her dentist didnt mean to hurt her, the process was unpleasant, to say the least. As a result, Dr. Mason was left with unattractive front teeth and a new fear of the dentist. Flash forward to seventh grade, when Dr. Mason started going to an adult dentist who wasnt kind and couldnt get her name right. She thought, I could do this better than he is! And Id be nice, too!

It was then that Dr. Mason started seriously considering dentistry as a future profession. Following high school, Dr. Mason graduated from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), one of the top dental schools in the country, more than 30 years ago.

She has extensive training in every aspect of dentistry, including pain control, crowns and bridges, Invisalign, full mouth restorations, and implant dentistry. She makes it a top priority to treat patients with dental anxiety and convert them to dental enthusiasts, with the help of a calm, gentle approach, and sedation dentistry when needed. Thanks to her patient-focused philosophy, her patients voted her the best in the East Bay five years in a row.

Dr. Mason makes it a point to continue her education and stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in her field. She has taken many courses in creating computer-assisted porcelain restorations, and she holds a certification through Great Lakes Education in dentistry for the CEREC machine. She is also a Gold Plus Provider for Invisalign.

Dr. Mason is a Fellow of Doctors of Conscious Sedation (DOCS) and the Center for Neural Occlusion (CNO), making her the only CNO-certified dentist in California. In addition, she is extremely knowledgeable in TMJ disorders and is the first dentist in California to be certified in the Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) technique with T-Scan, along with joint vibration analysis diagnoses.


Austin K. Brown, DDS & Christina P. Mason, DDS - General dentist in Clayton, CA

Laura has enjoyed working with Dr. Mason for more than 10 years. She lives in Benicia where she enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys working out and is grateful for the friendly team she works with.

Austin K. Brown, DDS & Christina P. Mason, DDS - General dentist in Clayton, CA

Noreen has worked with Dr. Mason since 1998 and has been in dentistry since 1991. She currently lives in Martinez, CA. Some of her interests include spending time with her husband and two children (ages 15 and 17). They have a goal to go to 2-3 National Parks each year. They are avid San Jose Sharks fans, and Noreen loves to run, cook, travel, and read.

I have had the pleasure of working for Dr. Mason for 19 years. I am so appreciative to work for a dentist who provides incredible patient care. The amount of knowledge I have gained working for her is immeasurable! Her philosophy is to provide extraordinary care in a very nurturing environment. She has transformed even the most fearful patient into someone who enjoys coming to see us.

Austin K. Brown, DDS & Christina P. Mason, DDS - General dentist in Clayton, CA

Amanda has been working with Dr Mason since July of 2018. She began her dental career 23 years ago as a Registered Dental Assistant. Her passion for dentistry inspired her to further her education and in 2010 she became a Registered Dental Hygienist. She enjoys educating and encouraging patients to maintain good periodontal health. Amanda likes to spend her time browsing antique shops, working in the vegetable garden or exploring parks and hiking trails with her husband and two boys.

Austin K. Brown, DDS & Christina P. Mason, DDS - General dentist in Clayton, CA

Susan has worked with Dr. Mason since August of 2016 and has been in dentistry since 1996. She lives in Antioch, CA. When shes not working she enjoys being with family, dinner parties, going to the beach, hiking, traveling, and continuing her education.

Austin K. Brown, DDS & Christina P. Mason, DDS - General dentist in Clayton, CA

Mayte has been working with Dr. Mason since January 2020 and has been in dentistry since 2012. She lives in San Pablo, CA. She loves spending time with her husband and getting together with family on the weekends.

Austin K. Brown, DDS & Christina P. Mason, DDS - General dentist in Clayton, CA

Michele has worked with Dr. Mason since August of 2019 and has been in dentistry since 2009. She loves spending time with her husband and three sons, having company over for get-togethers, and enjoying life to the fullest.

'Working with Dr. Mason and the team has changed my life in the most positive way! Every day we all strive to make a wonderful comforting impact on our patients ' lives so that coming to the dentist can actually feel good!'

Austin K. Brown, DDS & Christina P. Mason, DDS - General dentist in Clayton, CA

Lauren has been with Dr. Mason since May 2020. She has recently switched over from being a preschool teacher and is new to dentistry. Lauren can be found helping out in the front office, and in the back too. She lives in Antioch with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. Lauren enjoys food, coffee, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Austin K. Brown, DDS & Christina P. Mason, DDS - General dentist in Clayton, CA

Cheyanne has worked with Dr. Mason since March 2021. She lives in Pittsburg, CA. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Amaya who is 5 years old. Together they enjoy exploring new places and during the summertime, they love being in the sun and water.

I am so blessed to be a part of this team! It feels like a family. Dr. Mason and the team genuinely care about our patients and strive to provide the best care! Coming to work every day is enjoyable to see the team and our patients.

When I was going into third grade in a brand new school, I finally learned to ride my bicycle, because I really wanted to ride my bike to the new school. Then one day, just before school began, I fell off my bike onto my two front teeth my adult permanent teeth, which had just come in. My mom washed my little bloody face and took me to a children's dentist, who placed big, gray, stainless steel crowns on my two front teeth.

Although this dentist was very kind to me, he hurt me EVERY time I went to him. I forgave him because he was so kind and I could tell that he didnt really mean to hurt me. Nonetheless, the damage was done. I now had very unattractive front teeth and a great deal of fear about going to the dentist.

And actually, they never did call MY name; theyd call Christine! They didnt even get my name right! Then when the dentist would work on my front teeth, hed literally jam the needle up somewhere under my nose, which caused me to tear involuntarily. Then, the dear man would yell at me to hold still and stop crying.

He had a beautiful, young assistant whom I adored. Her name was Marie. Marie was always kind to me. One day, as the dentist was trying to get the color for my new, plastic front teeth right, he yelled at Marie. I lay there thinking, I could do this better than he is! And Id be NICE, TOO!

During my senior year in high school, my family moved to the Bay Area. So it was good-bye, old doctor, hello, Dr. Dalton. Dr. Dalton was one of the kindest, gentlest people Ive ever known. It was he who gave me my first set of porcelain front teeth, just in time for my senior pictures! And he NEVER hurt me! NOT ONCE!!! I was amazed and delighted. Dr. Dalton even took time to help me look into the requirements for dental school. What a difference his kindness made in my life. As he did dental work on my poor, beleaguered mouth, I thought, If he could do this, maybe so could I!

And eventually, I did just that. I went to dental school. I went into dental school with a dogged determination to never hurt my patients as far as it was in my power to do so. I learned EVERY technique on pain control and gentle anesthesia that I could. I even made up some techniques of my own so that people would not feel pain at my hands.

I decided that I would assist people to go from sweaty-palmed, butterfly stomached, terrified patients into people who actually enjoyed going to the dentist. I decided I would establish true relationships with my patients, and hopefully I would never call them Christine, when their name was really Christina. Hopefully, I would always be nice to my staff and never yell at them. And I decided that I would NEVER, EVER hurt any person if there were anything I could do to prevent it.

To accomplish this, I have studied and practiced and invented many techniques on pain control and completely comfortable dentistry. For those who have been too traumatized by their own past experiences, I can provide conscious sedation and provide a way for them to drowse comfortably through their dental treatment.

Remember how I said I got stainless steel crowns on my brand new front teeth? And how I got these atrocious things just before I became the new girl in third grade? Uh-huh. Yep. Got made fun of all through elementary school and on into junior high. Whats the matter with your teeth? Or, Your teeth look funny! Whats wrong with them? Or, Whatd you do? Run into a wall? I did get some white plastic affairs in seventh grade, but by todays standards, these would have been bad even as temporaries.

I was so happy when I got my first set of porcelain crowns as a senior in high school! However, those crowns had that infamous black line at the edge and I still didnt smile so that people could see my teeth.

It wasnt until I had been practicing dentistry for nearly twenty years that I finally found someone who did the right thing for my front teeth. Today you wouldnt even guess that I had ever even hurt my front teeth or that anything had ever been done with them. And now I smile with all my teethand with all my heart! I know firsthand what a difference great teeth can make in your very soul.

I am a fellow with the prestigious Doctors Organization for Conscious Sedation, and a fellow with the Center for Neural Occlusion--the only dentist in California certified to assess and treat temporomandibular joint disorder using the CNO method.

I have taken courses through Arrowhead Dental Seminars in occlusion and full-mouth reconstruction techniques and natural-looking, all-ceramic restorations. I have over ten years experience in full mouth reconstructive techniques.

I am certified in Invisalign, the clear alternative to conventional braces, and I am a Gold Plus Provider for Invisalign. I have taken many courses in creating computer-assisted porcelain restorations, which allows me to provide the finest in ceramic restorations available today, in durability, precision fit, and long-lasting beautiful esthetic.

For the last 28 years, I have pushed myself--with education, technology, mentors, and team--to fulfill my promise that I would be a different kind of dentist one who gently and skillfully helps the people who count on me.


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Ann Fisher
2 weeks ago
Both Laura and Dr. Brown really took the time to listen to my concerns and fears and completely put me at ease. So glad I found a dentist practice that puts the patient first.

Gary Wayne
2 weeks ago
Sorry forgot to leave 5 Star.

Maribel Herrera
4 weeks ago
Dr Brown and Michelle were both excellent in taking care of my visit today.

angela r.
a month ago
Visit was efficient and engaging with new information to address personal dental habits and future preventive care. I'm a busy gramma, and new doggy mom so I was impressed that I was in and out in 57 minutes. Marvelous!

Cece Siino
a month ago
Welcoming and friendly.

scarlett salaverria
a month ago
My appointment was pleasant. I was late 15min. and was still able to keep my appointment and receive my full dental treatment with care and in a joyful manner. Thank you ladies, you made my busy day a pleasant one.

Jim M.
3 months ago
Dental Hygienist Danielle was wonderful! She did a fantastic job cleaning my teeth and made informative recommendations to improve my daily brushing and flossing. Thanks again, Danielle, I enjoyed our time together today!

Valerie Sterling
3 months ago
I have always had exceptional care and service at Dr. Mason's office. They just got me in for an emergency same day and I was taken care of with kind and caring staff.

Beverly Baker
3 months ago
As always...A+ treatment.

Theodore Schroeder
3 months ago
Doctor Mason and her team combine state of the art dental technology with good old fashion personal care and medical professionalism. My experience was great!

Sandi M
3 months ago
Great team

Jessica Davis
3 months ago
I'm a new patient here, and while I met Dr Mason briefly during my new patient visit about a month ago, I've had the pleasure of being seen by Dr Brown for some advice after a cleaning and for a filling this last week. Dr Brown is lovely--he made me feel very welcome, helped troubleshoot a dental adjacent problem, and completed my filling quickly (within 30 mins so I could join a meeting) and painlessly. I am grateful to find a dentist who is as attentive and easy to talk to as he is. Bonus praise: he was able to help my mother in law the same day after a gold molar cap came loose, and followed up with both her and I afterwards to make sure we didn't have any sensitivity or problems (we didn't!). I'm looking forward to correcting my bite through this dentist and seeing Dr Brown and the staff here again. Shout out to Rachel, Laura, Michele, Amanda, Angelina, and the other ladies I've interacted with (I'm totally blanking on names), all of whom have been wonderful, kind, and thorough. The office is very spa-like, clean, and comfortable. I'm glad these guys are right around the corner for our family!

TJ Burke
4 months ago
The staff at Dr. Mason's office continues to grow and change, and somehow the level of care, service, and professionalism never wavers. This continues the best dental office experience I've ever had, from top to bottom!

Alex Novoa
4 months ago
Rachel helped me with the temp crown, she was very friendly and nice, thank you Rachel.

Jake Montgomery
4 months ago
The staff is more efficient and friendly than any other that I've seen in health care.

Paula Roemer
4 months ago
Very gentle attentive to my needs. Dr. Mason took all the time needed to ensure my visit was thorough and comfortable.

Jenny Pineda
4 months ago
Dr. Mason and her team are very professional, informative and honest. I felt that they had my best interest. Highly recommend!

Alex Yates
4 months ago
The staff is friendly, patient, and kind. The facilities are large and incredibly clean. As someone who lives in Clayton, the location is perfect and I am so thrilled to have found a local dentist that meets all of my needs. Great dentists are hard to come by and my husband and I are customers for life!

Brigid G
4 months ago
Was running a little late from traffic and when I called to let them know, they were still able to fit my appointment in when I arrived. Loved my hygienist. She was very uplifting, bubbly and nice. Conversations with her were very relatable, pleasant, and funny. My visit was very comfortable, relaxing, and quick! I really enjoyed my experience here today, and I've been coming here over 10 years. Thank you so much!

Sydney Carroll
5 months ago
Very thorough and quality care! My teeth look and feel great after my Invisalign treatment.

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