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Central Coast Orthodontics Kirk A. Specht, DDS, MS - Orthodontist in Santa Maria, CA
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I am so grateful to be an orthodontist. The work we do is honestly fun. The kids and adults we work with are highly motivated, energetic, and a joy to be around. Every day, I see miracles happen, in the transformations patients go through, and that makes every moment worth it.

I love watching lives change and personalities blossom, witnessing peoples confidence increase as they see the change in their appearance. Its a privilege to be part of this process and be trusted with a persons future smile.

Over the years I have met so many remarkable people. I treasure my relationships with each person I have had the privilege to treat. Children and teens constantly surprise me with their latest adventures and a new joke. Caring for adults is just as amazing: working with someone whos longed for a confident smile and is now getting it, and sharing in their joy, is remarkable.

Ive practiced in the oral healthcare field for 30 years. My first eight years were as a general dentist. Then I returned to school for orthodontics and have been creating smiles for 22 years. I was drawn to the field out of a desire to help people, work with my hands, and be self-employed. I wanted to be able to improve lives through individual care and I wanted time to connect with and get to know my patients.

Continuing education has always been a big part of my practice. I study advances in dentistry and orthodontics, including the latest technology, techniques, and materials. I also study business management, learning new ways I can serve and exceed my patients expectations. I believe ongoing continuing education, for myself and my team, makes us better equipped to serve.

I think being involved in and support the community is a way to give back to others. My practice regularly participates in dental school screens and career days. We also offer free Sports Guards to athletes to help protect their teeth.

I grew up in a little town called Angwin, about eight miles above St. Helena in the Napa Valley. I currently live in Arroyo Grande; the sand dunes of Pismo Beach are just across the street from my home.

Im single and have two great kids, Kristin and Michael. Kristin married in 2013 and now I have another wonderful son, Adam, as part of my family. Being with these three is my favorite way to spend time. I also have a variety of hobbies, including hiking, biking, photography, kayaking, and riding motorcycles.

We recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

Central Coast Orthodontics Kirk A. Specht, DDS, MS - Orthodontist in Santa Maria, CA

Dr. Kirk Specht, Dr. Jeremy Barrett, Dr. David Lindsey, and the Central Coast Orthodontics team would be honored to help you achieve that amazing smile. We offer a personalized, gentle orthodontic experience to create a smile youll love for a lifetime. Even better, we make treatment fun!

We know the power of a great smile. When you know your teeth are straight and healthy, your self-esteem grows and youre comfortable in social situations. You talk, laugh, and smile with ease, confident you look your best. That confidence, in turn, fosters connections, opens doors, and is obvious to everyone you meet!

Deciding to have orthodontic treatment is deciding to make a positive, lasting change in your life. Youll transform during your treatment. As you see your new smile begin to take shape, youll feel better about yourself, happily talking and laughing with others. By the end of your time with us, youll be a new person, with a smile thats brimming with joy!

Our doctors and team members are highly trained orthodontic professionals. Were also people-oriented and love getting to know each patient. Youll never be a number on a chart to any of us. Well not only remember your name, but your interests and activities. Well look forward to your visits as a time to see the progress of your smile and to hear your latest news.

For us, participating in straightening someones teeth is fulfilling. We see that persons life, attitude, and confidence change, from visit to visit. Its a joy for us to provide this service and love that were creating a positive, life-changing smile for someone whos become our friend.

Well talk about how treatment works and the technology and processes we use. And well ask about your concerns, whether youre thinking about comfort, time, finances, or trust. When the doctor develops your custom treatment plan, hell address those concerns, ensuring all your needs are met.


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Sara Evans
a year ago
Everybody was so nice and friendly! I had a great experience.

Nedina Asencio
a year ago
Update: After my review, Dr. Specht reached out and we had a very nice conversation.He was very empathetic, understood my frustrations, and apologized. He said he would take this as a learning experience for his business and staff, and would only try to improve from it. He does not want it to be repeated. I truly believe he meant it and that he cares about his business. I appreciate him reaching out and trying to solve a problem. While Dr. Specht is friendly and knowledgeable, I think the business has grown too large in order to deliver the best service. Before my daughter received ortho work, we were debating over braces and Invisalign. A previous ortho recommended braces in her case. However, Dr. Specht said he could do Invisalign and if for some reason it didn't work he would switch it over to braces. Since my daughter was a soccer player, we said great! About a quarter to half way through, one of the dentists switched our treatment plan to make room for an implant. This was done without any communication to me. I was upset, and Dr. Specht was apologetic bc it was not communicated to me. He then explained his reasoning for the change and thus we moved on. As time went on, one of the dentists said we need to put braces on her to finish the movement because the Invisalign wasn't doing it. It would take about four months and that we are OVER THE amount of time according to the treatment plan. That it was going to cost me $500. I said okay on the braces, but I would not pay the extra $500 bc that was not our agreement. He told me to go back and read my contract. So, I had to take it up with Dr. Specht, and from that point on he said to ONLY see him. (Difficult to do when he is not always in.) Fast forward, braces came off. My daughter wanted to bleach her teeth. This had to be done before the implant so the teeth color would match. This was expressed to Dr. Specht and it was no problem. He said they would give her a temporary retainer and to come back when she was done. Well the bleaching took longer and the oral surgeon thought she was too young to do an implant, thus refused. So our talented dentist created this somewhat "temporary permanent crown" that looks like a real tooth. (It really is impressive.) When we returned, we had to buy another retainer. Once again, not communicated. Again, while Dr. Specht and some of the workers are friendly, the communication was terrible as time went on. Make sure you read the notes that they input in their computer bc they are not always accurate or clear. The last phone conversation I had with one person was not the same message that was left on my phone by another person. The message said the retainer was ready for pick up and to call to make an appointment. I called, and was then told they won't make her retainer until we pay for it. This was AFTER we were told it was already made. So, I was instructed to have her call to make an appointment. (She's over 18 now.) I said I would send her with the FLEX card to pay, even though I shouldn't have to. But my daughter needs a retainer. Well my daughter calls to make an appointment, and was told they WON'T make an appointment or make her retainer UNTIL she pays! I paid for the ortho work UPFRONT. I would not recommend doing that. If for some reason you are not happy with the service, you can't really switch without losing that money. Dr . Specht is knowledgeable but there are too many hands in the pot now that his business has expanded. This has created some miscommunication, no communication, manipulation, gas lighting, and possibly some dishonesty going on.

Lorena Soto
a year ago
Ortho office is very nice and clean and staff is very professional helpful and polite

Elizabeth Escalante
a year ago
This Place is nothing short of AMAZING! They take the time to recognize and listen to my needs as a patient. The office feels so lively and welcoming when there. To top it off the staff are all friendly. Not once have I ever had an issue with this practice and it's amazing employees:)

Paul Dennis
a year ago
Patient and informative .

Jodi Knowles
a year ago
Everyone was so kind to me at my appointment. Everything was explained clearly. Dr Specht made me feel really comfortable. I was given cookies as I was leaving which was unexpected and completely wonderful!

Patricia Hernandez
a year ago
Excellent, quick and efficient

Leo R
a year ago
From the very start my expectations were blown away, they took care my needs and took measures to make me feel comfortable. Highly recommend!

Nicole Porep
a year ago
such a nice office !! everyone is kind and up beat and the orthodontist was very thorough

Cristian David Perez-Zamora
a year ago
Great environment and everyone is nice and understanding :)

Arturo Palomar
a year ago
Staff is great and helpful with any questions I had to ask. Great place to go. Very clean environment. Thank you Dr Kirk A. Specht, D.D.S. and staff!

Cynthia Bloxham
a year ago
Gabby was very helpful and a pleasure.

Ammy Vizcarra
a year ago
Great and friendly staff. Every visit has been a pleasure. Highly recommend.

Vonique Trujillo
a year ago
Every appointment has been nothing but the best and easy process. Highly recommend. Staff is very nice.

Erma Estrada
a year ago
Had a very nice experience. I received quick attention by a very nice young man. Today's visit was pleasant and quick. Look forward to my next visit.

Angie Vazquez
a year ago
Awesome place very pleased with there work and super nice employees !!!

Kara Elise
a year ago
I work as an RN in healthcare and this office staff sets the bar for customer service! They were amazing. Super professional, kind, helpful and friendly.

Ray b
a year ago

a year ago
Really nice and polite staff. I was NOT HAPPY with end result. My daughter's teeth look like she has an overbite. At first I thought they look like that because of the braces, but no. After they removed the braces and brackets they still look like they have an overbite. I'm just UPSET and SAD because I don't love her smile.and it was really expensive. I was really excited for her to go here because of all the great reviews. I'm just not happy with results.

Paola Garcia
2 years ago
I loved it they was so nice and loving. I just got my braces today and they was so gentle and they took their time!

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