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I've been creating smiles exclusively in Lakewood since 1976. To date, I've created over 25,000 Brodsky smiles. I pride myself in not only providing clinical excellence in orthodontic treatment but also in creating lasting relationships with my patients and their families.

Because I have remained in the same neighborhood for an extensive period of time, I've had the pleasure of treating as many as three generations of some local families. The relationshipsI've created are by far the most rewarding part of my job.

Over the last 40 years, I've created a professional yet friendly atmosphere to make our patients feel immediately comfortable. I enjoy being able to provide a high level of service in a personal way. My goal is to always have the time available to treat people as individuals.

My son, Dr. Charles Brodsky and I are involved in every aspect of patient care, and we examine each patient at every visit. I'm always available to answer your questions and keep you updated on treatment progress.Visit me on Google+.

I'm a home-grown Southern California orthodontist who was born in Los Angeles. I attendedUCLAfor eight years where I first studied engineering and then received my doctor of dental surgery degree in 1974. It was at UCLA where orthodontics sparked my interest as I became enamored at the idea of creating smiles without drilling. For this reason, I headed across the country to Rochester, New York, where I studied orthodontics at theEastman Dental Center - University of Rochesterand earned both a certificate in orthodontics and masters of science degree in 1976.

My most challenging and satisfying cases involve patients with craniofacial problems and/or skeletal disharmonies that require a team approach and/or orthognathic surgery. I'm associated with the cleft palate teams at Long Beach Memorial Hospital, Orthopedic Hospital Los Angeles and Southern California Kaiser Permanente.

I currently live in Long Beach with my wife of more than 40 years, Edie. In our free time, we like to spend time with our children and our four adorable grandkids. When I'm not babysitting, I like to tinker with computers, exercise regularly, play golf, snow ski, and travel.

Brodsky Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Lakewood, CABrodsky Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Lakewood, CA

My profession is my joy and my unique opportunity to do what I love. My father and partner (Dr. Joel Brodsky) has been practicing orthodontics for 40 years. Growing up in his orthodontic office allowed me to quickly develop a fascination with teeth.

Believe it or not, I've been working in the office since age five, so becoming an orthodontist was fulfilling a life-long dream of mine. Being able to do what I love is one of my greatest blessings. I feel like I get to help people every day achieve the smiles theyve always wanted. In turn, they help me live the dream that started when I was a little boy. I feel truly grateful to my patients and my family for helping me get here.

I love a natural smile (also known as a Brodsky Smile) we all have one. My passion is in accentuating my patients natural smiles and making them as beautiful as possible. We are all different, but a beautiful smile breaks down barriers, builds relationships, and makes people feel good. I want to make people smile!

I grew up locally in Long Beach and graduated from Los Alamitos High School in 1996. Following high school, I attended theUniversity of the Pacific in Stockton. I received my Bachelors degree in applied sciences from UOP in 1999 after only three years. Upon graduating, I moved to San Francisco, where I attendedUOP Dental Schooland earned my Doctorate of Dental Surgery in 2002 in only three years. After six years of hard-core studying and finishing at amongst the top of my class, I was ready for a new experience.

Following dental school, I moved to Massachusetts, where I completed my residency in orthodontics atBoston University School of Dental Medicine. I received a specialty certificate in orthodontics as well as a Master of Science in Dentistry degree in 2005. Boston was a nice change of pace, but after three mostly cold years, I decided the warm weather of California was calling me home.

While training in Boston, I received extensive training and certification in Invisalign, tissue management with lasers, as well as the placement and utilization of orthodontic mini-screw implants (TADs). The orthodontists who are trained at Boston University are taught to treat the most complicated of orthodontic malocclusions, including patients who need orthognathic jaw surgery in conjunction with orthodontics.

Im a curious person by nature. I constantly think about how I treat my patients and if theres a better way to achieve great smiles. While I always have my father to help show me the way, Im an avid attendee of continuing education courses. I believe learning doesnt stop at residency and if anything, Im learning more now than I did in school. I believe technology and new techniques continue to push orthodontics to new levels and I enjoy learning and implementing new things in our practice. Because of this, our practice has joined the Schulman Study Group, a group composed of the top orthodontic specialists nationally who are committed to excellence through sharing forward-thinking ideas.

My beautiful wife, Vicky, and I love being part of this community. Everyone has been so supportive and helpful with the birth of our two children, Jack (8) and Blake (5). While we call Huntington Beach our home, most of our day-to-day activities and our friends are in Long Beach. Life with two boys is both busy and eventful and we are always doing activities together.

Brodsky Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Lakewood, CABrodsky Orthodontics - Orthodontist in Lakewood, CA
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