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privileged to be able to work in Los Banos. Dr. Seatons favorite part of being in a small town is that it allows him to participate in peoples families and watch their kids grow up. He strives to treat every patient like family so they feel at home in his practice. Dr. Seaton was first drawn to dentistry because he could incorporate his love of art with technology to create beautiful smiles for others. When Dr. Seaton is not working he likes to golf, read, and watch football with his daughters. He loves to vacation with his family where he gets to spend lots of time with his girls.

Dr. Seaton earned his doctorate in dental surgery from Loma Linda University in 2002. Since then he has emphasized continued dental education to increase his knowledge and skills as a dentist. His proudest achievement so far was to earn his Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry. Less than 2% of dentists ever earn their Mastership. The Fellowship and the much harder to achieve Masters in the Academy of General Dentistry are two of the most rigorous dental education programs today. Dr. Seaton has now taken over 1200 hours of continued dental education learning the latest in cosmetic, implant, orthodontic, and general dental procedures over the course of 7 years to earn his Masters. His comprehensive dental education has allowed Dr. Seaton the opportunity to lecture and be a mentor to other dentists. Dr. Seaton and his team hope to bring compassion, tenderness, as well as technical skill to every patient.

Jason was raised in Riverside county and came to our little town after completing his education at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 2019. As a child, Dr. Bendas had the good fortune to meet a dentist from his future dental school and see quality education and experience up close from the patients perspective. Dr. Bendas set out to become an exceptional dentist by focusing on his career path. His grades put him at the top of his class in dental school and his experience is constantly forging him into an even better dentist.

Darla has lived in the Dos Palos area her entire life. She has been working in the dental field for over 50 years. Darla has worked for Dr. Seaton for 18 years. She is the mother of the office and loves to care for both the team and patients alike. Darlas favorite thing about the office is the family atmosphere, especially with Dr. Seaton being her son-in-law. She enjoys working in a place where the team shares the same philosophy for dentistry and patient care.

Tricia is a Los Banos local with over 25 years in the dental field. She has been working for Dr. Seaton for 15 years. Tricia is an amazing resource for patients and our staff alike. Her friendly and compassionate personality brings joy to those around her while she keeps our front office running smoothly. One of her favorite things about her job is being able to meet new people. Tricia genuinely cares about patients and takes care of everyone like family.

Another lifelong Los Banos local, Teresa has been with our practice for more than 5 years. She is consistently hard-working, organized, and most importantly driven by empathy for patients. Teresa loves being part of a team that brings happiness to people one smile at a time.

Brenda was born in Jalisco, Mexico but the family moved to California at a young age. She has been working in the dental field for 9 years. Brenda is friendly and enjoys talking and listening to patients. She strives to be the best she can to help patients.

Erin has been helping patients for more than 27 years and came to join our practice in 2020. Erins focus is on the comfort of her patients, both emotional and physical, as well as the quality of her work. She loves the challenges that come with finding new ways to keep her patients happy and healthy. Erin loves creating personal connections with her patients.

Carissa has been a part of the Los Banos community since birth. She started her dental career with 6 years as a dental assistant in the army serving our country. Carissa now has over 13 years of experience and has been with our practice for more than 6 years. She provides a friendly and comfortable experience that makes everyone feel like family. Carissa loves educating patients, building relationships, and most of all working with kids.

Lindi is a Central Valley local with more than 10 years of experience. She joined our team in 2020 and has been making sure that her patients all receive the cleaning and care that she would expect to receive herself. Lindi believes in quality over quantity and wants her patients to have the best experience possible. She loves helping improve their smiles and their overall health.

Another Central Valley local, Jessica has been on our team for more than 3 years. Her personality brings comfort to those around her and leaves patients smiling. Jessica enjoys creating relationships with patients and making their smiles happy and healthy. She works to be thorough so patients can feel their best.

After being raised in Los Banos, Celeste selected Brightwood College for her education and joined our practice after completing her program in 2018. Her friendly personality lends support to her coworkers and patients alike. Celeste enjoys giving confidence to patients and improving smiles so her patients can feel confident in themselves.

Veronica has been a Registered Dental Assistant for 22 years and has been with Dr. Seaton for 18 of those years. She can be found taking great care of her patients and improving smiles. Veronica loves her dental team and knows how important it is to be passionate about teeth.

Ruby brings comfort to her patients as she helps them navigate to healthier happier smiles. After more than 15 years with our practice, Ruby has forged relationships with her coworkers and countless patients. She loves watching patients smiles improve over the years. Ruby counts herself as lucky that she gets to come to work in a place that makes a positive difference in the world.

Hannah is yet another lifelong Los Banos resident and graduated from the Dental Assisting Institute in 2020. She joined our practice in 2020 and continues to brighten the day of those around her with her bubbly personality. Hannah loves making patients feel better about their smiles and treasures the relationships that she has built while being a part of our dental practice.

A misaligned smile can be problematic, and not just because of the appearance of the smile. Teeth that are not correctly aligned can significantly increase a patients risk of cavities and periodontal disease due to food that can become trapped. Additionally, a straighter smile is a more attractive smile. With orthodontics with Dr. Benjamin J. Seaton of Los Banos, California, patients can improve their appearance and enhance their smiles!

Patients of the Los Banos, CA area who are considering braces are excited to learn that they have a few different options to choose from for both children and adults. Below are a few of the dental braces offered at our facility used to straighten teeth:

  • Traditional braces this method uses metal brackets and wires to move teeth into proper alignment. The brackets are glued to the tooth and connected with wires that are adjusted to ensure the teeth are gently repositioned within the arch. We offer tooth-colored ceramic braces which are less noticeable, but these tend to be easily stained.
  • Invisalign another option is that of Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear aligner trays that the patient wears to reposition the teeth as well. It is a much more discreet option, as the trays are hard to distinguish from the natural teeth while patients are wearing them.
  • Dental braces are often used for patients who have mild to severe misalignment of the teeth and dental arch and continue to be the most popular way to achieve a more beautiful smile when gaps and misalignment are present. If you live in the Los Banos, CA area and are interested in learning more about the advantages of orthodontics, contact Dr. Benjamin J. Seaton and his team at Artistry in Smiles by calling (209) 812-0041. The office is located at 816 Second Street and accepts new patients and families considering quality dental care in the community.

    At Artistry in Smiles, Los Banos, CA area patients have access to a wide variety of dental solutions for their smiles. Children and adults can receive care with our team and enjoy beautiful, healthy smiles for life! We offer a broad range of services, including general, cosmetic, preventive, restorative, orthodontic, and surgical dentistry for all ages. So if you are looking for a family-friendly dental practice or a committed team to provide gentle care in a quality chairside manner, we can help!

  • Cleaning and prevention patients of all ages can benefit from routine cleanings, examinations, and x-rays. We also offer preventive services for children and adults, including fluoride treatments and sealants that can strengthen the teeth and protect them from cavities.
  • Cosmetic dentistry patients who have imperfections in the smile may want to ask Dr. Benjamin Seaton about the benefits of cosmetic dentistry, which focuses on the smiles aesthetics. Just a few of the treatments provided include inlays, onlays, fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, and professional teeth whitening.
  • Restorative dentistry broken or missing teeth require extensive care to repair and restore. Restorative procedures, including dental implants, dental bridges, dentures, and crowns, are available at our facility in Los Banos, CA.
  • Orthodontics braces, and retainers are the perfect way to restore alignment to the smile for both children and adults. We offer solutions including traditional metal brackets and wire braces and Six-Month Smiles for a more cosmetic alternative.
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery Dr. Benjamin J. Seaton also provides oral surgeries, including bone grafting, apicoectomies, dental implant placement, and wisdom teeth extractions for new and established patients.
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