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Welcome to the website for Dr. Andrea Joy Smith, DDS ofSacramento, CA. Dr. Smith is a qualified and reputed mini implantdentist with special interest in cosmetic dentistry, practicing generaldentistry for over 20 years. Currently, Dr. Smith is one of only 1100dentists in the world certified to perform the Chao Pinhole SurgeryTechnique . The Pinhole Surgical Technique is a new way to treatgum recession. Dr. Smith is also capable of performing complicatedfull mouth restoration procedures.

Andrea Joy Smith - General dentist in Sacramento, CA

Whether you want to replace a missing, broken or cracked tooth withmini dental implants, need more specialized treatments such as aroot canal, or wish to enhance your looks with cosmetic treatmentslike teeth whitening or gum rejuvenation, Dr. Andrea Joy SmithFamily Dentistry is your one stop destination.

Dr. Smith offers a wide range of restorative dental care treatmentsreplacing missing teeth withdentures, dental crowns as well as dentalimplants. She is also trained in periodontal and endodonticprocedures like root canals, periodontal scaling, and root planningusing Diode laser technology. Dr. Smith is committed to learning newtreatment technology and procedures to treat unique dentalproblems.

Whether you are searching for a dentist for yourself, or for your entirefamily, Dr. Andrea Joy Smith, DDS provides comprehensive dentaltreatments for every member of the family. No matter what yourdental problem may be, you will be treated with utmost care andimportance.Dr. Smith understands that oral and dental care is about more thanhealthy teeth, it is about a healthier you. While you remain a patientwith Dr. Smith, she will help both you and your family maintain thehighest standards of oral and dental health. Restore your naturallybeautiful smile today with Dr. Andrea Joy Smith, DDS.

At Dr. Andrea Joy Smith Family Dentistry, rest assured that youllreceive the personalized attention you deserve. Our dental team willlisten to your needs and answer all you questions. You will receive acomplete and thorough exam, including oral cancer screening andgum disease exams. Plus, youll enjoy our friendly, caring team. LetDr. Andrea Joy Smith, DDS in Sacramento, CA be a part of yourongoing commitment to your dental health.

Mini dental implants are small titanium screws that are implanted in the jaw bone. Over the course of a few months, the implants become fused with the jaw bone and cannot be removed without additional surgery. In many cases, a denture is attached to the implants for stability.

Andrea Joy Smith - General dentist in Sacramento, CA

The placement of mini dental implants is designed to be as quick and easy as possible. Dr. Smith will first administer a local anesthetic to reduce pain and discomfort. Then, an extremely precise surgical method is used to set the mini dental implants in their exact locations. In contrast to a full implant procedure, this is a simple one step treatment that requires no sutures or long healing periods.


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Tricia and Andre Johnson
a year ago
Excellent! Dr Smith is very caring and has address any and all concerns. It's very hard to find a good provider and one that will listen. She is great thumbs up.

Terri Richmond
a year ago
Dr. Smith listened to my concerns (which are a little complicated) and laid out an immediate plan to help me. Her staff is very friendly and efficient. I highly recommend her

Stacy Evans
a year ago
Great staff and always a pain free experience top dental technology. I usually get nervous at dentist's. Dr.Smith and her team made everything simple and pain free she had finished the procedure and I thought she hadn't done it yet!!

Erin Alcorn
a year ago
I have made many mistakes in my life and unfortunately one of the largest was choosing this office for my new smile. I am not smiling. My work I need done is extensive. Instead of telling me they were not equipped for it I was assured satisfaction and charged a lot of money for a now still incomplete and unsatisfied job. 2 years later and I am left with extremely little to no progress or improvement from what I had already making my own dentures. I do not even consider these to be "implants". Make no mistake, they are dentures. To make matters worse this already maxed out my credit and being poor I have no money to get it done correctly. There has been no attempt to contact me for now over 9 months besides sending me a bill. As an accredited professional she should have just told me she was not equipped for this job.

Thomas Anderson
a year ago
Excellent customer service by the staff and her.

A Harper
a year ago
Dr Smith is fabulous. What I appreciate most about her is her precise attention to detail and sincere compassion for her patients. She has been my dentist for 20 years and I am so thankful for her care.

F Lindsay
a year ago
I'd had a lifetime of bad teeth and bad dentistry when I met Dr Smith . I had just gotten "instant dentures" which just means they pull your teeth and slap the dentures in and send you home. They were so painful that I couldn't wear them. Dr. Smith was able to calm my fears of dentists in general and offer me some affordable options that would not only restore function to my mouth, but give me back my smile as well. She is consummately professional and knowledgeable, but also has a gentleness and genuine concern for people. All of her assistants are highly trained, gentle and skilled also ,(something I wasn't used to in dental assistants until then) and in a few weeks I was able to attend my son's wedding with a lovely smile and I ate everything! I cannot thank you enough, Dr Andrea Joy Smith- you have brought JOY back into my life!

cheri smiles
a year ago
Dr. Smith and her staff are fantastic!! They're courteous, knowledgeable and take great care of your dental needs. I fall asleep majority of the times when their working on me because its such a relaxing atmosphere. I give 10 stars and more. They're Great!!!!

Danna Immoos
a year ago
Very impressed with their teaching how the process is before treatment. Very nice and clean office. Office personnel is very polite They made me very comfortable. Procedure went great.

Linda Bakkie
a year ago
Dr.Smith is very nice and friendly. Her staff is wonderful. Very helpful. I wish I had not waited so log to be a patient.

Michelle DeVivo
a year ago
Dr. Smith and her team go above and beyond. One of a kind, efficient excellent work! Thank you!

Leigh Ostrander
a year ago
I highly recommend this dental clinic! Dr. Smith and her team were professional, friendly and extremely skilled at helping me with TMJ. I have no pain for the first time in years. I can't thank all of you enough for your expertise and gentle healing touch.

Darrin Banks
a year ago
5 stars

Joanna Duffy
a year ago
It's rare to meet such professional, knowledgeable and genuinely caring people as here. Thank you, you are changing my life!

a year ago
In a nutshell: I can't say enough good things about Andrea Joy Smith and her staff. This dentist is a true master at her craft, yet remains very caring and humble. Of any reviews I've made, this is by far the most important. My hope is that it will save someone from what could be a traumatic, depressing and expensive experience. PLEASE, especially if you wear dentures, have implants and/or bone loss, go to a real expert, that takes pride in their work. This is a specialized art form and should be treated as such. If Dr. Smith is accepting new patients, don't hesitate to see her. She'll greatly improve your appearance, self confidence and views on visiting the dentist. (See details and photos on Yelp).

Darryl Williams
a year ago
Dr. Andra Joy Smith is an amazing dentist. My need to see Dr. Smith was to have a denture implant set for my upper teeth. Today is day 10 after the dental implant procedure, and I am 110% satisfied with my results. First, the dental procedure was not so bad, and I did not feel the shots to numb my gums. Really, it was painless, and the drilling into my jaw bone was painless and tolerable. So I got through the dental procedure, and my denture implant is great in function and style. I can eat a full meal and the most important thing is my smile, which is beautiful and sparkling. I'm done done yet a few more steps to completion, but thus far, I am a fan of Dr Smith. Thank you so much.

Linda Metcalf
a year ago
Wonderful and knowledgeable staffs! Been with DR. Smith for at least 16 years!

Carole Brooks
a year ago
The dental cleaning was excellent! The dentist was very personable and good at explaining all questions.

Kariima Sanders
a year ago
The best dentist office I hade ever been too, everyone there is so nice, I also have my teenage sons there, they make them feel so comfortable , they treat everyone with kid gloves lol, payment options are made available as well, I wish I would have found them a long time ago

Rochelle Bard
a year ago
My experiences at Dr. Andrea Joy Smith's office were superb. I believe this is one of the best dental offices in the US. Doctors attention to detail to ensure crowns were perfected exemplified commitment to her patients and professional practice. Dr. Smith and her office provided quality care for all patients. They used various measures to calm patients that had fear of dentists or doctors in general by providing relaxing music, using humor, compassion, and doing whatever it takes to reassure them. They also paid attention to patients pre-exiting medical conditions to ensure safety and quality care. I would recommend Dr. Smith's practice to all my family, friends, and personal clients.

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