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Our practice was established in 1979 by Dr. Joseph Au. He cared for generations of patients throughout his 31-year career, until his retirement in 2009. He entrusted Dr. Albert Tsang to continue his commitment to providing uncompromising dental care with a gentle, caring attitude.

Many patients find the procedure of implant placement easier than they anticipated. Modern dental anesthetic numbs the site, and experienced hands carefully place the implant. A tiny guide hole provides a path for threading a small implant cylinder into place. The sterile piece is inserted into an exact location, and a smooth cover, or healing cap, protects the implant during the healing period.

Implants can't withstand normal bite forces until the bone has integrated fully into the implant body. Dr. Albert Tsang will help you decide what will work best during the initial healing period, ensuring youre able to function while still protecting your implants. This period usually lasts 3-6 months as the bone grows around the implant. Most patients experience minimal discomfort after placement, especially compared to an extraction.

Even with all the benefits, the cost of dental implants are an important consideration. When your case brings together the latest imaging, advanced training, and modern materials, this service offers one of the best values in health care. Compared to the replacement of other parts the body, most dental implant procedures can be done at a small fraction of those costs. Most patients carry on with normal activities right away and usually enjoy a lifetime of normal chewing, bite stability, and appearance. We know the cost of dental implants is an important part of creating a complete plan that works for you.

The cost of dental implant services involves several critical factors unique to each patient. A fee quoted without careful evaluation and treatment planning may not only be incomplete, but doesn't consider what's best for your mouth as an individual. Dr. Albert Tsang customizes your treatment plan after careful evaluation your current oral conditions, needs, wants, and budget.

One thing is certain: You'll get the highest value possible in modern implant dentistry. That means years of natural function and a smile you are proud to show. We look forward to discussing how we can partner together for the best solution for you!

Our team loves helping kids grow into healthy adults. Dr. Albert Tsang knows that early experiences influence the value children place on their oral health as adults. One negative experience can affect a childs outlook on dentistry for the rest of their life. You can be sure your child will have a great experience at Albert M. Tsang DDS.

The services offered at Albert M. Tsang DDS ensure that patients of all ages feel welcome. From the earliest check-ups to orthodontic evaluations, Dr. Albert Tsang will listen to your concerns and guide you through every stage.

Metal grins fill the pages of many high school yearbooks. But braces offer benefits at many different stages of life. Identifying problems at a young age allows for early intervention which can often reduce how long your child is in treatment. Monitoring growth and development at your child's regular preventive visits are just a part of our commitment to your family's dental health.

Deep crevices run across the chewing surface of molars. Even though a toothbrush can skim these surfaces, bacteria still settle into the narrow grooves beyond the bristles reach. Cavities may form and end up affecting the tooths nerve without warning, destroying valuable tooth structure. Protecting the grooves with a resin sealant may help prevent decay in your childs back teeth.


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Teresa Gonzalez
a year ago
The best quality work and professional dentist. Dr. Tsang knows how to numb you up. Rosanne, hygienist, does a great job - Very gentle and thorough. My husband has a fear of dentist - Only place he will go. Worth the commute from Concord.

Hong Huynh
a year ago
Albert and his team continue to amaze me with their level of professionalism, and their attention to detail with my care. I've been able to schedule appointments without any issues. They take the time to address my concerns, the cost, the timeframe for treatment, and any type of aftercare that may be needed. They allow room to answer any questions that may come up. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone that has PPO dental plan.

Oxana Sanukova
a year ago
So very grateful to Albet M. Tsang DDS and all his staff for being so attentive and caring when I had very bad tooth infection. They ended up removing it the same day even though they were fully booked. I came back to the office almost before their closing and it took a lot of effort to remove it, but doctor and his assistant made sure that I am as comfortable as possible, leading me with short updates on how everything going. This is a second time I had an emergency visit, both time the service was excellent. I do have another dentist I go to on regular basis but they were not available the day of. Also on a side note, the office was very clean and well organized. Thank you very much again.

Mac Ellsworth
a year ago
Very friendly and helpful staff. Fixed an issue I had the same day I called about it! Nice!

Margie Lynn
a year ago
Awesome team at Dr. Albert Tsang's dental office to provide all of your dental care needs! My long time dentist, Dr. Edmund Fung, retired a few years ago, and I'm so glad he referred me to Dr. Tsang! Rosanna did my cleaning six months ago, and Dr. Chen did my cleaning today. They make you feel like your good friends are helping you out

Tony Fong
a year ago
Dr Tsang is really good and the staff is really friendly. I highly recommend Dr Tsang if your looking for a new dentist or thinking about switching.

Sarah Andrews Reynolds
a year ago
The staff went out of their way to make sure I was seen, comfortable, and informed. They stayed late to help me which they didn't have to do and were all so nice and sympathetic to me when I was crying about the injuries that brought me to them. I will make them my real dentist for sure.

vincente vu
a year ago
Every nine and professional.

Ben Suller
a year ago
Staff are friendly and accommodating. My dental hygienist is very thorough and most of all, gentle with her hands.

a year ago
My first experience at Dr. Tsang was eye opening. Could I have finally found a Dentist who could do a crown in a way that felt not just tolerable but actually comfortable? I have being coming to see them ever since and my check ups are not just comfortable but actually pleasant. I get to listen to music of my choice and not the drill. He is gentle and responsive to the patient in every small way. He has high expectations for himself and his staff in terms of quality from the receptionist to the assistants and hygienist. The office staff feels like family and takes time to make you feel welcomed. The proof is having had better and better dental health since I started seeing him. And now giving that gift to my children who think a visit to the dentist is always a positive experience.

Kelly Smith
a year ago
I have been a patient in this office for 20 years! Dr. Au retired and Dr. Tsang took over the practice 10 years ago. The entire staff is awesome! They are all very friendly, professional, and caring! I would highly recommend Dr. Tsang to family , friends, and to anyone looking for a new dentist.Thank you Dr. Tsang, Elsa, Rosanna , and staff.

Sharon Stockman
a year ago
The staff at Dr Tsing's Dental office are fantastic! They are compassionate and care about you. I have dental needs requiring multiple Dentist. They helped to coordinate and resolve a problem. Dr Chin, is sincere and professional in her assessment and explaining the care needed. I couldn't have asked for better. Dr. Tsang provided input on my case WHILE on Vacation. I appreciate them All, from the receptionists, to my dental assistant.

Anne Benefield
a year ago
Dr Tsang and the staff are professional and skillful. They are also personable and friendly. I highly recommend them!

Brenda Portillo-Lopez
a year ago
Had a great cleaning today!! Amanda did a great job, my teeth feel clean!!!

glenn shigeta
2 years ago
Doctor Tsang's entire staff was friendly, personable and efficient. Dental hygienist cleaned my teeth, checked gum lines and looked at some of the old fillings. Definitely a 5 star experience from start to finish.

Maria Gomez
2 years ago
Came in because my son chipped his tooth. His tooth looks amazing. Staff was incredibly nice and accommodating. Dr. Tsang is very down to earth and easy to talk to. Came in for a consultation and it ended up having my son's tooth fix that day. Now he has a beautiful smile.

2 years ago
Great dentist, great staff. Everyone is very professional and knows what they are doing. My old dentist was unable to do anything about a small bump on my gums and this office has literally taken great care of my teeth/gums since my first visit. Would definitely reccommend, even if it's out of network and you can afford the difference.

Dan Connolly
2 years ago
The most fun I've had in weeks! I'm 70, and like a lot of my friends, I've always put off going to the dentist til it's almost too late. The folks that work there are serious, highly qualified and concerned about not only your teeth, but making your overall oral health a priority. I used to literally hate going to the dentist, but now I actually look forward to my visits. Kudos to a fantastic clinic!

L. C wong
2 years ago
Dr.Tsang is a very skillful doctor although he does not talk too much!! I did 2 gold crowns by Dr.Tsang! Going back to Dr.Tsang for my 3rd crown! No pain for the injection and even drilling ! I don't need to be a professional dentist to feel how well Dr.Tsang did my tooth! I can feel his great work and care for his patients! Highly recommended ! Today I have my permanent gold crown that I feel so good and happy after done by Dr. Tsang and Karen! Dr. Tsang even did the cleaning for me! No pain at all and I got Dr. Tsang's complement that I've got Mercedes teeth that means I have a clean bill of teeth!! Dr. Tsang offered to adjust my night guard!! What a great service of my appointment with Dr. Tsang! Great dental work and great service that's made my day!! Highly recommend!

Lynna Allen
2 years ago
Dr. Tsang has been been our family's dentist since 2009. Dr. Tsang's office and associates are truly amazing during routine exams and cleanings, and emergency caps and root canals. Dr. Tsang has personally responded to three of our family's emergencies over the years. Dr. Tsang is practically family!

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